TeamTalk v5.2.2.4884 for Android ready for testing

Previous TeamTalk 5 releases seem to have problems with permissions on Android 6 and 7. This is because Android 6 and later have switched to permissions which work similar to iPhone. To overcome this issue with permissions a new TeamTalk v5.2.2 has been created for beta testing.

This new beta version can be installed by following this link:

Please try it out and see if the permission issue disappears. Also in this beta version is an option to disable public servers and Arabic language.


  1. A new update has now been submitted which adds sound events for voice activation and “No Interruptions” channels.

  2. I find bug.
    There is a level of voice activation, there is no slider to decrease it and teamtalk not have option to disable this level. So every moment two sounds play to enablet and disablet.

  3. Hello,

    I read on a e-mail list archive, that your team could offer some guidance to someone interested in developing a TeamTalk client for the Linux command line. Could I exchange a few messages about that with you via e-mail?

    You can reach me at Fernando (dot) Botelho (at)



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