TeamTalk v5.3 with Facebook login

TeamTalk now supports Facebook login so users do not have to remember username and password for their favourite TeamTalk servers.

TeamTalk server administrators can enable Facebook logins by adding a user account with the username “facebook”. This means that any Facebook user can log on to their TeamTalk server.

Once a Facebook user is logged on to a TeamTalk server it’s possible to see their TeamTalk assigned username using the View User Information dialog box. The assigned username visible in TeamTalk can be tracked back to the person’s Facebook profile.

Using Facebook logins on a TeamTalk server can be used to prevent abuse, which happens a lot unfortunately, so a person can be banned and not easily log in again from another location.

To try a Facebook login session simply log on to either “TeamTalk 5 Official Server (US)” or “TeamTalk 5 Official Server (UK)” using the username “facebook” (or unfold the username-combobox). A web-login dialog will then appear where you enter your Facebook login details.

Remember you can always follow the latest TeamTalk 5 development progress here:

Download TeamTalk v5.3 BETA

TeamTalk v5.3 for Windows

TeamTalk v5.3 Classic (Portable) for Windows

TeamTalk v5.3 for macOS

TeamTalk v5.3 for Debian 7 (x86)

TeamTalk v5.3 for Debian 7 (x86_64)

TeamTalk v5.3 for for CentOS 7 (x86_64)

TeamTalk for iOS and Android will appear for beta-testing (TestFlight and Google Play) in the coming days.


    • What client do you use? Also what server? Is the facebook account enabled on the server? What is an “unset application”?

      • I’m installed the latest version, and if I want login with Facebook to Europe server, the login window write’s:
        The application is not set, it’s under developing. Login with developer account, or request permission.”

  1. agreed beepbeep
    We can’t access the login with FB because the application only for the developer , go to this application in the fb and make it public or add a permissions to the testers.
    Regards., Hamad.

  2. With my first test in iphone-10(X), I don’t get any problems.
    If i have any problems, I’M sure to comment here.

    But first and last question: Why you don’t asked the Face Book settings to get this info, not from the main page with the Face Book App,
    For example: you can access the Face Book settings to get this info with fast and easy to use , or try to open the Face Book app with new iOS i think.

  3. yeah bjoern I don’t see the error in the windows , but my arabic server with testing , it’s down , and i can’t restart or start the server, so i rebooted the server to fix this problem, But I dont know what is the error.
    Kind regards.

  4. Hm, I had to revert the public TeamTalk servers to an earlier version. The Facebook login was causing too many hangups. I’ll try and fix it in the next beta.

    — Bjoern

  5. Where is media file streaming? Import from dropbox iCloud drive or my iPod library mrchiter, I want to stream media files

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