TeamTalk 5 C-API DLL Version - Unreleased
License TeamTalk SDK

The binaries included with the TeamTalk SDK are trials which will disable themselves after 30 days of use. To use the TeamTalk SDK in an end-user application you must purchase a license from

A TeamTalk SDK License is royalty-free meaning that when you have purchased a license you're allowed to redistribute unlimited copies of your end-user applications which use the TeamTalk DLLs. Additionally the license grants you the right to run an unlimited number of TeamTalk servers.

Purchase License

Please visit for pricing or send an email to for more information.

Activate License in .NET DLL

To apply the TeamTalk 5 SDK license in a .NET application call the method BearWare.TeamTalk.SetLicenseInformation(). This will disable trail mode.

class MyProgram {
static void Main(string[] args) {
BearWare.TeamTalk.SetLicenseInformation("MyCompany", "1234abcd");
BearWare.TeamTalk ttclient = new BearWare.TeamTalk(true);

Activate License in Java DLL

To apply the TeamTalk 5 SDK license in a Java application call the method dk.bearware.TeamTalk5.setLicenseInformation(). This will disable trail mode.

class MyProgram {
public static void main(String[] args) {
dk.bearware.TeamTalk5.setLicenseInformation("MyCompany", "1234abcd");
dk.bearware.TeamTalk5 ttclient = new dk.bearware.TeamTalk5();

In Java you must call dk.bearware.TeamTalk5.loadLibrary() followed by dk.bearware.TeamTalk5.setLicenseInformation() to set license name and key. The call to loadLibrary() ensures the TeamTalk JNI DLL is loaded prior to invoking a function in the DLL. Otherwise you'll see an UnsatisfiedLinkError.

Activate License in C-API DLL

To apply the TeamTalk 5 SDK license in a C API application call the function TT_SetLicenseInformation(). This will disable trial mode.

int main(int argc, char* argv[]) {
TT_SetLicenseInformation("MyCompany", "1234abcd");
TEAMTALKDLL_API TTInstance * TT_InitTeamTalkPoll(void)
Create a new TeamTalk client instance where events are 'polled' using TT_GetMessage.
VOID TTInstance
Pointer to a TeamTalk client instance created by TT_InitTeamTalk.
Definition: TeamTalk.h:3899
TEAMTALKDLL_API TTBOOL TT_SetLicenseInformation(IN const TTCHAR szRegName[TT_STRLEN], IN const TTCHAR szRegKey[TT_STRLEN])
Set license information to disable trial mode.