TeamTalk v5.8.1 released

TeamTalk v5.8.1 is now available in the Download-section after a long beta-testing period. Many accessibility issues were fixed in the Default TeamTalk Client (Qt Client) during beta-testing, so the move from TeamTalk 5 Classic to Default TeamTalk client should be easier.

Again many thanks to Corentin (aka Oreonan) for addressing the accessibility issues in the Default TeamTalk client.

On the TeamTalk 5 GitHub web-site we’ve set up a Discussion forum where people can ask questions and propose ideas. Check out TeamTalk Discussions on GitHub.

New Features in v5.8.1

  • Default QT Client
    • Create a folder in Sounds-folder to create your own Sound Pack
    • Ability to delete items from Stream Media File dialog
    • Ability to specify nickname for each server
    • Ability to force SAPI usage for Text-To-Speech events on Windows
    • New option in Display-tab to configure which events should be displayed in chat history
    • New option in Display-tab to automatically expand all channels in channels tree
    • Ctrl+Alt+S to quickly enable/disable Text-To-Speech
    • Ctrl+G now outputs Text-To-Speech information for selected user/channel
    • Ctrl+Alt+G to hear information on current channel
    • Ctrl+Shift+G to hear channel status
    • Reply “Yes” when ask for apply default accessibility settings now disable VU-Meter updates
    • Press Ctrl+C in online users dialog now copy user information to clipboard
    • Files-tab now has a context menu to download or delete selected file
    • In Files-tab, press enter on a file to download it
    • On MacOS, press enter on a channel in channels tree to join or leave the channel
    • Last modification date shown on user accounts
    • Upload time shown on files
    • Fixed default values for “Transmit ready in “No interruption” channel” and “Transmit stopped in “No interruption” channel” sound events
    • Fixed Shift+Tab navigation issues in main window
    • Fixed missing accessible labels in main window
    • Fixed Croatian file missing for installed version
    • Fixed a case where enter should pressed twice in file combobox to play a file in stream media dialog
    • Fixed “View user information” from online users dialog
    • Fixed Home and End keys behavior on tab bars
    • Fixed CTRL+Alt+R to restore streaming permission when disabled
    • Fixed navigation using left key on columns of channels tree
  • Android Client
    • Option to disable sound and TTS event when sending a channel message
    • Upload time shown on files
    • Files updated sound played only in current channel
    • Fixed a case when not all TTS engines were available in Text-To-Speech selection screen
    • Support for Persian language
  • iOS Client
    • Ability to specify nickname for each server
  • Server
    • Support for SIGHUP to reload server configuration
    • Error reported if unable to save configuration file (tt5srv.xml)

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