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TeamTalk v5.5 is now finally released and available for Download. Many thanks to the people who provided feedback during the beta period.

TeamTalk for Google Play and App Store are currently awaiting approval but should be available shortly.

Here’s a direct link to GitHub with all the changes: ChangeLog.txt


  1. Hi,
    I see in the downloads page that there is no 5.5 server binary for Centos 7, and you have placed the 5.4 binary under “obsolete” section. Centos 7 is still being supported, and I have several Teamtalk servers running on Centos. Does it mean I can’t upgrade my servers to 5.5?

  2. According to this table, Centos 7 will be alive until 2024. Even Centos 6 is still alive until November 30, 2020. I agree, they are old, but they are actively used and updated (specially Centos 7), because they are very stable Linux distributions, ideal for production environments. I’m not willing to reformat my servers with Debian or pay additional servers just because you don’t want to update the binaries. If they don’t arrive soon, I will simply consider using alternative communication platforms.

  3. Some users have experienced a crash issue using the accessible when trying to open the “Stream Media File” dialog. This issue can be resolved by adding the follow section to TeamTalkClassic.xml between the tag:


    Your TeamTalkClassic.xml file is located in

  4. Hi admin, It seems that in the latest android version when I try to transmit something, the microphone works not that well. It seems when I put for example, the volume at the maximum value it sounds so loud and for some unknown reazon automatic microphone gain is enabled and it sounds so distorted (I can bearly hear anything!) and I eaven don’t know how will I disable it. There’s some developer changes that I’m going to made, but I’m not an expert android user. I’m using a Samsung Galaxy note 8.

  5. Admin, I’ve tried that but no loock. I was talking about the microphone being so loud when I put it at 100% and that it sounds like a tape recorder because of the internal automatic gain control. It’s because some audio on the SDK have been changed? (ot) How to change android microphone?

  6. Hello, I upgraded to the newest TeamTalk setup file. Whenever I’m on TeamTalk, it disconnects me and others who have upgraded at random as well as it can hog the computer at times. I do not experience this behavior using TeamTalk V5.4. Any reasons as to why the newest TeamTalk does this? Thanks.

  7. I’ve never had that problem when I installed it, so please correct me if I’m wrong.
    @Admin, I’ve tryed to doo that on android changing voice pre processing but no look. I’m talking about internal auto gain when I’m trying to transmit something. I’m using TeamTalk on a Galaxy note 8 with TeamTalk 5.5, downgrading doesn’t install the previous version.

    • TeamTalk v5.5 for Android was updated to the latest Android developer tools but I don’t see why this should cause problems with your microphone input.

      — Bjørn

  8. While reading the change log, I noticed this:

    – Fixed bug where audio recording to single file contained audio from media files

    This was actually a useful feature in the TeamTalk client. Would it be possible to bring this back, or to allow the user to choose if they want streamed media files to be recorded?

  9. @海浪, You can find it in the download section Is that it?
    @Admin, maybe my android version that I’m using is old or something?
    I’m using TeamTalk 5.5 on a Samsung Galaxy Note 8 running Android 9.

  10. Ah I forgot it thanks to telling me I’m an idiot.
    @Admin I maybe have to downgrade my TEAMTALK android version from 5.5 to 5.4 since that’s kind of a bug with my anadroid version, but when ever I doo it it wodn’t install. Maybe that’s my android version or my phone acting like crazy, or what?

  11. Hello. Where is my user configuration records?
    I am using tt5.5 and I am successfully connecting my recorded servers. But, I want to back up my settings and servers. In the xml file which stored in “%appdata%/” there is no server information. Where are they gone?

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