Consulting is a consultancy company which primarily focus on supporting its TeamTalk Conferencing System. TeamTalk has been integrated into a wide range of systems for various customers. These customers include companies in the entertainment industry, defense industry, radio communications industry, as well as educational institutions, space agencies and emergency services. Although these customers come from diverse sectors, one thing which is common for all, is that they need a way to stream audio and video data between remote systems on either LANs or WANs and the TeamTalk Conferencing System is designed for exactly this purpose.

Get TeamTalk Customized for Your Business

Companies with the resources to develop their own software based on TeamTalk can use the TeamTalk 5 SDK to do so. If, however, you do not have the resources or need assistance in developing your software system then feel free to email to get a time and cost estimate of the features you need implemented. Core Competences has years of experience in working on projects for both small businesses and major corporations. Here is a list of the core competences which can deliver to your project:

  • C and C++ programming
  • C# programming
  • .NET Framework integration
  • COM components
  • MySQL integration
  • TCP/IP communication
  • VoIP communication
  • Video streaming
  • Qt for cross-platform development
  • ACE Framework

Feel free to contact for more information on consulting services.