TeamTalk v5.12 released

TeamTalk v5.12 is now available in the Download section. Again there has been a strong focus on additional accessibility for the default TeamTalk client (also referred to as TeamTalk Qt client).

New Features and Bug Fixes

TeamTalk server owners are urged to update their servers immediately since a crash issue has been found when a user is banning people on the server. It appears someone is exploiting this issue on the public servers so they’ve been crashing regularly lately.

Here’s a list of the changes in TeamTalk v5.12:

  • Default Qt Client
    • Option to change status message when idle
    • Option in “Change status” dialog to display file name as status message when streaming
    • Sound events can be configured to play one by one in “Preferences” dialog
    • Sound event when intercepted
    • Text-To-Speech events when voice activation and Push-To-Talk enabled/disabled
    • See sort order in “Sort by” context menu on files list, user accounts and server list
    • Text message window is not automatically focused anymore
    • Ability to clear text message history
    • Use F6 to switch bitween history and new message field in “Text Message” dialog
    • Press a printable character on history field on “Text Message” dialog or main window now switches to new message field
    • Fixed user text message sent and channel message sent sound not reset when changing sounds pack
    • Fixed missing label for “Media files RX/TX” on “Server statistics” dialog
    • Fixed “Channel silent” sound event played out of channel
    • Fixed systematic disconnect if server list configured to show at startup and starting from TT:// URL or TT file
    • macOS updated to Qt 6.4.1
    • Windows updated to Qt 6.5.0-dev
  • Android Client
    • Bluetooth headset working again on Android 11 and lower
  • iOS Client
    • Force playback using Bluetooth Advanced Audio Distribution Profile (A2DP)
    • Support for Indonesian language
    • Headset TX toggle moved to General section in Preferences
    • Toggle TX on/off using AirPods when using A2DP
    • Fixed crash issue when loading server list
  • Server
    • Fixed crash issue when user banned from non-existing channel


  1. thanks for this, but teamtalk stil doesn’t have ban duration, wich i was hoped in 5.12: but i hope that i see it in the next vertion: even i can donate to teamtalk for that feecher.

  2. hey there. Today I decided to report a bug relating to the bug affected in some samsung galaxy devices.
    It appears that the bug for lower intensity volume is from team talk side. Let me to explain it you by an example.
    I have a galaxy a73, I am in a stereo channel, 48000 khz sample rate
    and 64000 bitrate. Microphone gain is 100% but my voice is low for
    others. I press on the red transmit inactive twice to enable my
    microphone. Now the button is green and voice activation is enabled.
    Someone is calling me. I answer the phone call and end the call after
    2 or 3 seconds. After the call ends, my voice volume fixes, and others
    can hear my voice loudly, its enough that I set my microphone ain to
    50%, the problem is completely solved, but note that this is
    temporary. If I press on the green button and disable the voice
    activation and reenable it, my voice volume will be low for others and
    the problem still persists untill the next time someone call me while
    voice activation is enabled. Please, if it is possible, solve this
    bug. My voice volume is low for others even when microphone gain is 100%. This happens in 48000 khz channels. Please add possibility to create 44100 khz channels, or solve my problem. This bug is annoying. It keeps happening even on older versions.
    Samsung doesn’t approved that. They said this problem is not from
    our side. The problem still persists after one UI 5 upgrade.
    Thanks for the attention.
    Please create a topic in github relating to this issue so others can
    see it. I don’t know how to do that.

  3. Bug again team talk default qt client.
    I focus on microphone gain and master volume with tab, I presss tab, my nvda screen reader says: Master volume slider 35 if I press insert+up arrow to read the focused item again, my screen reader says: Master volume 35 Master volume, also about microphone gain: I press tab, my screen reader says: Microphone gain slider 55 if I press nvda+up arrow, it says: Microphone gain 55 Microphone gain, why master volume and microphone gain is announced twice when you press nvda+up arrow?
    Also when you are filling host address, username and nickname for each server, screen reader announces nothing when you delete typed letters or when you navigate between letters with left and right arrow key. Please someone create issue for these problems too. Thanks.

      • I informed you on GitHub that we can’t fixe on the TeamTalk side, because ths issue is an issue directly related to Qt accessibility. It’s now fixe and when TeamTalk switch to Qt 6.5.0 Beta or 6.6.0-dev this issue will be fixe. I always report accessibility issues to Qt when we can’t fix on TT side.

        • then also fix the bug where it says collapst in files list, wich shouldn’t say that because they are not expandable: and the bug where it doesn’t say 1 of 3 or 2 of 3 or something in channel list for users: also the bug with context menu.

  4. Sorry for the spam, but it appears that Number of files are not shown exactly. Currently I’m in a channel, in team talk default qt client, 8 files are shown for me, but when I join the same channel with classic version, number of files are 21. Also in default qt client, I presss ctrl+g in all channels, and after announcing the name of each channel, it says 8 files. Even in empty channels with know files, if I press ctrl g in channel name, it says 8 files. Hope oreonan reads my comment. Or it gets posted in github.

  5. seriously please fix the bugs try not to create other bugs: i reported a bug for 5.11, the developer co bc fixed it but another bug that upset me with Qt client really.

  6. The Mac client has an issue with the microphone. If the voice is raised, it produces saturation.
    It would be great if the ability to play YouTube videos from the media streaming feature was added.

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