TeamTalk v5.13 released

TeamTalk v5.13 is now ready for download and has a long list of new features and a couple of bugfixes.

Feel free to ask questions in Discussions to get help.

Remember you can contribute to the TeamTalk 5 project on GitHub.

New Features and Bugfixes

Again there’s a long list so here’s an overview. All contributions in v5.13 are listed in detail here.

  • Default Qt Client
    • Reinitialize sound devices if active sound device is removed using WASAPI sound system
    • Moved “Refresh Sound Devices” from “Input Devices” submenu to “Sound Configuration” menu
    • Accessible description on more dialogs to avoid potential screenreader freeze
    • Add missing labels on “Font color” and “Background color” buttons on “Video settings” dialog
    • Sound event when interception stopped
    • Ban offline users from “Online Users” dialog
    • Confirmation before auto kick and kick and ban
    • Filter servers by name or number of users in “Server List Dialog”
    • Text-to-Speech event on video transmission and desktop sharing toggled
    • Text-to-Speech event when disconnect from server now includes server name
    • Text-to-Speech event for voice transmission toggled also emited when using global hotkey
    • Option to choose if Text-to-Speech events should be sent using Speech, Braille, or both Speech and Braille (only on Windows with Tolk)
    • File size is now converted to KBytes/MBytes/GBytes (Qt 5.10 and later)
    • Ability to show password in server list dialog
    • Separate count on users in channel and subchannel on channel tree
    • CTRL+G on a channel now also returns user count
    • “Show MOTD variables” checked by default in server properties dialog
    • Import .tt File button moved to “Store Server Information” group box in “Server List Dialog”
    • Fixed microphone vu meter update not disabled correctly at first startup when enabled default accessibility options
    • Fixed keyboard navigation on “File transfer” dialog
    • Fixed Upload/download button and menu item not display for admin outside channel
    • Fixed bug when removing operator status in temporary channel
    • Qt updated to 6.5.0 on macOS and Windows 10/11
    • Minimum supported macOS is now 11.0 (Big Sur)
    • OPUS updated to v1.4
  • Accessible Windows Client
    • OPUS updated to v1.4
  • Android Client
    • Added Vietnamese language
    • OPUS updated to v1.4
  • iOS Client
    • OPUS updated to v1.4
  • Server
    • Added argument -cleanfiles to remove unknown files from file storage


  1. so hello: first, thanks for this version, it fixes a lot of bugs and adds some good features: but onnistly, i have a complane to do of the actual developer, bear101. you say to people that come and contribute to teamtalk and stuf, but i feel that you are not really respecting others that much, if you know it’s not true of corce you cann say it but, some time ago i have reported a bug about interception menu, and another developer has opened a pull request for it, and you said that you don’t like this, but it was the standard way, and that was what even some people said: but stil, you didn’t even submit that until now that 5.13 is already out and we could have this in 5.13, but we didn’t: please think about what i told you, and if you want, you can talk to me about it or do what you want: but generally everything else is good, just this that i wanted to talk to you about.

  2. Hello everybody who reads this comment. Please take a look to my issue in github number 1820, and my discussion number 1821 and if you’d like, upvote it or either leave a comment there. I made an issue, but it was moved to discussion by developer. I am sorry I cannot post their links here due to wordpress limitations. If you couldn’t find it out, please reply to this comment and write your email address so I can send their link to you via email.
    Hopefully team talk developers more respect to users feedbacks.

  3. Don’t forget that dialogs are still being read twice by NVDA screen reader,
    and also ctrl+g doesn’t show the exact count of uploaded files in channels.
    imagine that I am in a channel and 6 files are uploaded there, when I press ctrl+g in other channels, it shows that 6 files are in other channels to, even if that channel is empty

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