TeamTalk v5.16 released

TeamTalk v5.16 is now ready for download and mobile editions have been submitted for review in Google Play and Apple’s App Store. The Android client has many fixes so it’s e.g. possible to upload/download files again. Many thanks to Igor B. Poretsky for fixing these issues. Also thanks to Corentin Bacqué-Cazenave for addressing many more accessibility issues in the desktop client.

New Features and Bug Fixes

  • Default Qt Client
    • Dates and times are now formatted in user locale on “User accounts” dialog and main window’s files tab
    • Option to show server’s message of the day in a welcome dialog box
    • Option to announce server name on some server related TTS events
    • Option to show channel topic in channel list
    • Don’t display server name when disconnected from server where not authentified
    • Ask for accessibility settings on Linux at first startup
    • Fixed “Gender” property not being saved in .tt files
    • Fixed sort by size on file list
    • OPUS codec updated to v1.5.1
    • Windows and macOS updated to Qt 6.7.0
  • Android Client
    • Admins can upload files to channels they have not joined
    • It is now possible to move users to root channel
    • Navigating back returns to Channels-tab prior to disconnecting
    • Navigating back also displays root channel
    • User menu action to grant/revoke channel operator
    • Subscriptions for intercepting users
    • OPUS codec updated to v1.5.1
    • Fixed crash issue when entering Text-To-Speech settings
    • Fixed crash issue when updating text messages
  • iOS Client
    • OPUS codec updated to v1.5.1


  1. Hello dear developer, I am an Android client user, but I have problems and suggestions. My suggestions are to add the capability for the administrator to have full control over their server, like creating user accounts and granting them permissions, as well as assigning them as administrators or regular users, just like the Windows client. Additionally, it would be helpful if the status, which is written next to the username, is added. Finally, please consider fixing any errors.

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