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TeamTalk v5.3.2 for Windows, Linux, Raspberry Pi and macOS has now completed beta testing. Many thanks to the people who provided feedback!

The main new feature in this release is the ability to block users from transmitting to a channel. Before controlled transmissions could only be performed from a class-room channel but now it’s also possible in default channels. E.g. press Ctrl+Alt+Q to block a user’s voice stream to a channel. Press Ctrl+Alt+Q to reactivate the user. Video stream is Ctrl+Alt+W, Desktop is Ctrl+Alt+E and finally media stream is Ctrl+Alt+R. See more shortcuts in Users -> Advanced.

Here’s a complete list of the new features:

Default Qt client

  • Users now arranged before channels in tree view
  • Option to enable/disable user’s voice/video/desktop/media-file stream
  • Try to connect to all resolved hosts (e.g. localhost both on and ::1)
  • Fixed webcam not working on macOS

Accessible Windows client

  • Users now arranged before channels in tree view
  • Option to enable/disable user’s voice/video/desktop/media-file stream
  • Try to connect to all resolved hosts (i.e. localhost both on and ::1)
  • Sort channels ascending or popularity
  • File owner column in files tab

iOS client

  • Sort channels ascending or popularity
  • Fixed Tmobile clients not able to connect to servers when using data


  • Added user-right to record in channel where it’s not allowed
  • Bind to multiple IP-addresses

Go to the TeamTalk 5 Download page to get the latest version.


  1. Hi Bjoern!

    This version is wery good as all TT versions!
    I’m wery happy to use TeamTalk!

    Wery wery good work, keep it up!

  2. Hello! Finally I can run Team Talk in Ubuntu but the screen reader does not read anything. How can I make it read the interface?

      • Somebody ask why scripts not working?
        You have to give writing permision scripts, login with putty or ssh login server than write this commands to give write permision.
        chmod +x /home2/
        chmod +x /home2/
        if you reboot server, your team talk server will start automaticly, or any problems with ports and team talk closed, automaticly this script start your team talk server.
        -if your team talk server working but you dont access server, again install server, sometimes tcp port changed 0 and randomly team talk server working some of differend port, you will change port from tt5srv.xml or reinstall always click enter when tcp port seting come than write your true port. You may run differend more team talk server with differend ports but same ip,or same vps or dedicated server but more than 1 team talk server with differend ip or same ip differend ports.
        Best Regards

  3. Hello Björn,
    I really like the new version of teamtalk. Though, I have a question. In TT 5 classic, is it possible to control the volume of a broadcasted mp3 file with some keystrokes? I know that it can be configured in settings, but is it possible to raise or lower the volume with keystrokes?

  4. Thank You Very Much This Program,
    My server has more than 1 team talk server and sometimes ports closed and team talk closed, i make cronjob and 2 script ,cron cheking teamtalk servers every minute and if not working script2 start team talk server.
    -if you have 2 team talk server change 0 to 1
    script1 inside of /home2
    if (( $(ps -ef | grep -v grep | grep tt5srv | wc -l) > 0 ))
    echo “service is running!!!”
    else /home2/script2
    script2 inside of /home2
    cd /super/teamtalk
    ./tt5srv -d
    create cron
    EDITOR=nano crontab -e
    * * * * * /home2/ > /dev/null

  5. hi bjoern
    there is a big psychologic issue to fix in tt5 last version :
    when i use it i feel that it s a complete tool and i dont
    need any other similar entity to communicate with ; im happy to use it and the
    problem is how to be less happy when i consider that oneday i will die ?

  6. hi.
    i’m using teamtalk v5.3.2 for debian 9 on ubuntu 18.04 but the service doesn’t start automatically after reboot server.
    can you help me than what i to do for solwing this problem?

  7. Helllo.
    I would like to say I like TeamTalk.
    I also would like to request a way to just mute someone’s media file I mean turn it down with one command.

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