TeamTalk 5 Alpha2 released

TeamTalk v5.0.0.3389 alpha2

This release fixes several problems addressed by TeamTalk users. Thanks for the feedback!

List of changes:

  • Introduces channel type “No audio recording allowed”
    • In this channel type it’s not possible for users to record conversations to disk
  • Reintroduces anonymous user account
    • Like in TeamTalk 4 it’s now possible to have a user account with an empty username and password
  • Statistics for packetloss in Classic client

Bugs fixed:

  • Max logins from specific IP-address allowed one too many



    • Hi,
      Users on TeamTalk 4 can’t connect to TeamTalk 5. It would be nice for them to receive some kind of message, though, but as it is now, I think those on TeamTalk 4 who try and connect to a TeamTalk 5 server will appear to try and connect without success.

  1. When running the latest alpha of the server, people with no user names are unable to connect. Also, the classic alpha released last Monday doesn’t see my onboard sound card’s audio output. It sees the input, but not the output. Running windows 8.1.

    • Try connecting to the official TT5 EU server with no username/password. When I test with both classic and Qt client it works fine.

      Did your sound card’s output device work in Alpha1?

      — Bjoern

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