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An initial prototype of TeamTalk v5.6 for Windows is now available.

So far the main feature of TeamTalk v5.6 has been to improve echo cancellation on Windows. This has caused quite a few changes in the choice of Sound System in Preferences.

When TeamTalk v5.6 is configured to use the “Windows Audio Session” it now uses Windows’ built-in echo cancellor (AEC), automatic gain control (AGC) and denoiser. The built-in echo cancellor works significantly better than the previously available echo cancellor. One drawback is, however, that when AEC, AGC or denoising is enabled the audio input is automatically converted to 22050 Hz mono. This is a limitation in the Windows implementation of AEC, AGC and denoising.

The Sound System-tab in Preferences no longer contains the duplex mode since it’s not required anymore. Also there is no longer a need for input and output device to support the same sample rate when using echo cancellation.

The sound system “DirectSound” works the same as before, i.e. it doesn’t convert sound input to 22050 Hz mono when AEC, AGC or denoise is enabled.


Download links updated to latest prototype since first release, v5.6.0.4995, caused an increasing delay for audio transmission.

TeamTalk v5.6.0.4996 for Windows 7/8/10

TeamTalk v5.6.0.4996 Classic for Accessibility


  1. Hi Bjoern!

    Let me you two suggestions.

    The first is the AlpineLinux support. I’d like to run the TT server on Alpine Linux.
    And the second Docker support. I can run TT on debian:buster-slim image, but it is more than 100 MB. I will very happy if you make the TT server to run on Alpine Linux, and in Alpine’s container.
    Is it possible?

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