TeamTalk v5.6 BETA for Android

If you’re using TeamTalk on Android you may want to try out the latest BETA version which comes with many new features on Android:

  • Users are now displayed before channels
  • Empty channels with max users set to zero are listed first (sticky channels)
  • Buttons for changing between tabs Channels, Chat, Media Streams and Files
  • Preferences are grouped into General, Sound Events, Text to Speech, Connection and Sound System
  • Support for dark mode and day/night shift
  • Blank nicknames are set to NoName followed by user ID
  • More elements are now labeled, specifically some edit fields
  • Bluetooth headset microphone usage facility
  • French’s language is now supported

To become a TeamTalk for Android beta-tester go here.


  1. If you didn’t know, the latest sound processor in 5.6 is not doing it’s job very well. It has no bass and I hear output a bit bad. The bitrate is not lowered, but it’s without the bass and some frequencies are also out. Please bring back the output processor from 5.5. Do it. It matters!
    Another problem is with the file manager. The path: /storage/emulated/0 is the phone’s storage. You have the download and other app files and folders. I want to get to /storage/emulated where my external storage, microcard is. Both for uploading and streaming, TeamTalk can’t get out of /0. The app gives me a force stop.
    Please solve these issues! 1. Restore the old output sound processor.
    2. Fix the crush when navigating out of /0.

    • When you enable automatic gain control, echo cancellation or denoising in WASAPI sound system then it switches to 22KHz mono. To avoid this either disable these features or use DirectSound instead.

      — Bjørn

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