TeamTalk v5.6.3 for Windows

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A couple of errors in the translations for TeamTalk v5.6.1 can cause the accessible TeamTalk client, TeamTalk 5 Classic, to crash. These issue have now been resolved in TeamTalk v5.6.3.

Go to the Download section to get the latest version of the accessible client.


  1. Hello, how can I implement the following on my tamTalk server so when a user logs in they see something like this? “Welcome! There are currently users on the server, of them are admins.
    The server uptime is”

  2. Hello.
    Sorry! I can’t connect to your server by my username or password.
    I receive this error:
    Failed to connect to host “” TCP port 10335 UDP port 10335.
    Check that the server is running on the specified address
    and that a firewall isn’t preventing clients from connecting.
    What do I do?
    Thanks for your fast help!

  3. It’s valid. Its version is 5.6.
    How to access to proxy or vpn?
    Of course, some clients connect easily.
    Thanks for your answer and fast help!

  4. I suggest that you have a ban for equal make in TeamSpeak3, because by IP just restart and that’s it. I also suggest that there is no way to press ctrl l to leave one channel and stay out of all channels on the server, because whoever is on a cell phone cannot see people, let alone ban them.

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