TeamTalk v5.7 getting close to beta-release

The next TeamTalk release is almost feature complete and we would like to get feedback on the new features and bug fixes.

The list of new features and bug fixes is very long so for now we’ll simply refer to the ChangeLog on GitHub. Please report any issues that are found on GitHub’s issue list.


TeamTalk v5.7.0.5017 for Windows
TeamTalk Classic v5.7.0.5017 Portable for Windows
TeamTalk v5.7.0.5017 for macOS
TeamTalk v5.7.0.5017 for Ubuntu 18
TeamTalk v5.7.0.5017 for Debian 9
TeamTalk Pro Server v5.7.0.5017 for Ubuntu 18
TeamTalk Pro Server v5.7.0.5017 for Debian 9
TeamTalk Pro Server v5.7.0.5017 for CentOS 7


  1. Small note to self…
    TeamTalk v5.6.3 and TeamTalk v5.7 beta (both for Windows) closes instantly after I upload a file to a TeamTalk server, no questions asked.
    The client successfully uploads the file.
    It does not matter the size of the file I upload; a small text document or executable program.
    Downloading a file from a server does not close the client.
    Wondering why this happens…

  2. hello sir, I have tried to activate Bearware Login on the configuration server, but when I tried, it said “An error occurred while performing a requested command:
    Not logged in “, and” An error occurred while performing a requested command:
    Invalid account “. What should I do to be able to use Bearware Login?
    Thank you.

  3. Hello.
    After the release of TeamTalk 5.5, the multy login feature doesn’t work. i thought that this problem was solved in this release, but after updating the server version to 5.7, the problem is still available and users even with disabled multy login feature can login with multy users. Please fix this bug. Thank you.

  4. This would be the most exciting TeamTalk5 release if ever. Now how can the regular user access a hidden channel? We tried logging in with /hidden-channel/ in the channel field but to no avail. The ability to disable the channel messages is one of the most amazing changes so far. Thank you.

      • The requirement of creating a new channel stops people from using a .tt file, a tt:// link, or their connection manager to automatically join a hidden channel. It also isn’t compatible with disabling channel creation: If the admins disable creation of temporary channels and then create a permanent, hidden channel, it won’t be possible to create that hidden channel as a non-admin. I wrote an issue about this part, but it appears there’s also a bug where the non-admin can’t see existing users once they create and rejoin the hidden channel, since they appear to the client as though they aren’t in a channel at all.

  5. Is it a bug or a feature?
    As in the instance, the output device is set to no sound device, I do not send any sound from the input. And I have it in the streaming instance, where I do not need sound and the input device is set to virtual cables, it does not transmit sound from the cables.

    • “No sound device” starts a virtual sound device. The virtual sound device ensures that audio can still be recorded even if you’re not able to hear it.

      Here’s a more technical explanation of what it’s used for

      If you start teamtalk5.exe with the “-tone” argument then the virtual sound input device will send a tone to the channel

      • I think we got it wrong. I write from a translator, I am not fluent enough in English to explain such a complicated thing.
        In the last stable version of Teamtalk 5.6.3, if I switch the sound card to no sound device, I can continue to send the sound to the microphone. In this beta, to be able to send audio from the microphone, I need to have my sound card set to anything except no sound device, then it doesn’t work.
        Vice versa. When I set the microphone to no sound device and I have the sound card set to speaker sound blaster, I cannot hear the sound from teamtalk, I need to have any microphone set up except no sound device so that I can hear the sound, in the case of no sound device I do not have sound.
        I think I managed to explain it a little more clearly.

  6. Hello, dear developers!
    In TeamTalk v5.7.0 I found something a little uncomfortable.
    First, because the Facebook login is deleted. Please give us a reason, why is this being done?
    Second, when I joined the channel, suddenly my TeamTalk client was not responding. What’s happening? I don’t know if this only happened to me.
    Third, how do I activate bearware login on the server?
    Greetings, I hope the developers are always in good health and continue to develop TeamTalk with enthusiasm.

  7. I can only connect to unencrypted servers. Both the modern and classic clients crash when I try to connect to any of the public ones, or my own setup from scratch one. Connects to unencrypted server fine though.

    • That’s my issue, exactly. I’m running win 10 insider and if I uncheck join root channel on launch, I can browse the channels, but when I join one, it crashes.

  8. Hello, I have 1 issue here. why is the sound of the teamtalk once again interrupt? I mean all the sound event, when teamtalk sound is played, the first beta sound used to never play in full, since the first beta, after I update to the latest one, the one once again just like before, it play in full again. when this happened, whenever someone is spammed, it could causes the computer or the client stop working, when the sound is play in full again, perhaps, bring this feature back, but instead, make the sound play in full, but, make it allow to play simultaneously . for example, when someone left the channel and log out, it play both sound left channel and log out, on the same time.

  9. Hello there is another problem, or if it’s just me, in this beta22 version, whenever I connect to server, and I want to configure settings in preferences, after I done, then I press OK, the teamtalk is crash (stop working) so, I have to close and reopened it. And, in order for me to configure setting within the preferences, I have to disconnect from the server first just so I can configure it. I wonder what is going on.

  10. this happened whenever I’m trying to configure the audio settings within the preferences, configuring other setting within the preferences doesn’t effected by this crash, though. Oh, another note, the teamtalk sound now play on the server side now, too, however I don’t know if there is have anything to do with this issue that I’m having.

  11. Even with the option to announce when users connect or disconnect disabled, using the text to speech option, it is added to the message history. For servers where there are 10 users there is no problem, but for servers that have 70 100 users, it is impossible to read any message sent on the channel.

  12. hello sir,
    Can you add beta version for Cent OS 7 server?
    I see the ftp directory for the beta version is still for cent OS 7.
    I want to do some testing, for example about multyple login, so it can’t be done, while the VPS that I currently use can’t move to Debian or to Ubuntu for some reason, and the beta file currently available only debian and ubuntu.

  13. Hello. Some Iranians sent you emails regarding the Persian public server but they did not get a response. You can’t create channels on the server and you can’t see other users, and I’ve talked to one of the moderators and he said it’s only there for advertisement. Please remove it from the list so another Persian public server can be made.

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