TeamTalk v5.8 released

TeamTalk v5.8 has been made available in the Download section.

In this release we have added additional accessibility features to the “Default Windows” TeamTalk Client (also referred to as Qt Client). Please try it out the if you’re still using TeamTalk 5 Classic for Accessibility.

Many thanks goes to Corentin Bacqué-Cazenave for his hard work. Also thanks to Beqa Gozalishvili for fixing multiple issues in the Android client.

New Features in v5.8

  • Accessible Windows Client
    • Single file audio recording can now include media file streams
    • Fixed possible crash when saving preferences and playback mode for Sound Events has “All at once” selected
    • Improved performance of playback mode “All at once” for Sound Events
  • Default QT Client
    • Single file audio recording can now include media file streams
    • Fixed private message dialog not opening using CTRL+E or “Message” context menu in channels tree
    • New sound events
    • Aligned defaults sound files with Accessible Windows Client
    • Windows client asks to enable text-to-speech at first startup if screen reader is running
    • Option to display software update in a dialog box instead of chat history
    • Send button hidden when new text message area is empty
    • Send text message area hidden at startup in “Video” and “Desktop” tabs
    • Several accessibility improvements including some fixes for JAWS screen reader
    • Additional TTS events in Preferences
    • URLs in chat history can be activated using Enter key
    • Paste a text at the start of the first line of the filename in the CTRL + S dialog now replaces the text of that line
    • Classrooms toggles in channels tree are now accessible
    • Fix streaming of files path containing quote on Windows
    • Removed new line added at end of new private message
    • Removed ability to send empty private text messages
    • Focus moves to private text message’s edit field when opening private messages dialog
    • Fixed navigation using Shift+Tab
    • Croatian language supported
  • Android Client
    • Permission issue fixed when exporting server list
  • iOS Client
    • Fixed missing Korean translation
  • Server
    • User-right “User can create/modify all channels” now allows user to create subchannels although not in parent channel

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