TeamTalk v5.8.2 BETA1 ready for testing

A couple of new features in TeamTalk are now ready for testing in an early version of TeamTalk v5.8.2.

Please give feedback in the Discussions Forum on GitHub.

New features and bug fixes in TeamTalk v5.8.2 BETA1

  • Default Qt Client
    • Press Shift+Enter now insert a new line in public chat
    • Option to select users for move in Online Users dialog using its context menu
    • Option to keep disconnected users in Online Users dialog
    • Option in Display-tab to choose the behaviour of double-click/activate on a channel
    • Option in Display-tab to open a dialog box when being excluded from channel or server
    • Option to close file transfer dialog when a transfer completes is now saved
    • Option in Display-tab to sort channels ascending or by popularity
    • Option in Text-to-Speech-tab to speak selected item in lists on macOS
    • Who can transmit in a channel has been moved from Users->Advanced to Users->Transmit Control
    • Ability to control transmission for everyone in a channel
    • Option to check updates for new beta versions
    • Using global shortcut to enable/disable master volume now emit sound and Text-To-Speech message
    • Fixed a case where, depending on start path, sounds with default values were not played
    • Fixed modifier keys not working as hotkeys in 64-bit Windows
  • Server
    • Reopen log file on SIGHUP (server reload)

Download TeamTalk v5.8.2.5053 BETA1

TeamTalk v5.8.2.5053 for Windows
TeamTalk v5.8.2.5053 Portable for Windows
TeamTalk v5.8.2.5053 for Ubuntu 18
TeamTalk v5.8.2.5053 for CentOS 7
TeamTalk v5.8.2.5053 for Mac OS
TeamTalk Pro Server v5.8.2.5053 for Windows
TeamTalk Pro Server v5.8.2.5053 for Ubuntu 18
TeamTalk Pro Server v5.8.2.5053 for CentOS 7


  1. Hi, thanks a lot for the accessibility-enhancements for mac in latest 8.2 Beta. Now, navigating through channels and users with the arrow-keys is possible. That’s phantastic!

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