TeamTalk v5.8.2 released

After a good deal of feedback from TeamTalk BETA-testers we’ve now released TeamTalk v5.8.2.

Go to the Download section to get the latest version. Note that the Android client is still being beta-tested and will be released in the coming days.

Please provide feedback on TeamTalk’s Github page where others can also benefit from discussions.

New Feature and Bug Fixes

  • Default Qt Client
    • Press Shift+Enter now inserts a new line in channel chat
    • Option to select users for move operation in Online Users dialog using its context menu
    • Option to keep disconnected users in Online Users dialog
    • Option in Display-tab to choose the behavior of double-click/activate on a channel
    • Option in Display-tab to open a dialog box when being excluded from channel or server
    • Option to close file transfer dialog when a transfer completes is now saved
    • Option in Display-tab to sort channels ascending or by popularity
    • Option in Text-to-Speech-tab to speak selected item in lists on macOS
    • Modify who can transmit in a channel has been moved from Users->Advanced to Users->Transmit Control
    • Menu item to control transmission for everyone in a channel
    • Option in Display-tab to check updates for new beta versions
    • Global keyboard shortcut to enable/disable master volume now emits sound and Text-To-Speech message
    • Window size is now saved and restored at startup
    • Fixed a bug where sounds with default values were not played due to file path
    • Fixed modifier keys not working as hotkeys in 64-bit Windows
  • Android Client
    • Join user account’s initial channel
  • Server
    • Reopen log file on SIGHUP (server reload)


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