TeamTalk v5.8.3 BETA releases

TeamTalk v5.8.3 is almost ready for release.

Remember that you can try out the latest TeamTalk BETA releases by enabling the option “Check for beta software updates on startup” in Preferences -> Display.

Preferences screen shot
Stay informed about beta releases by enabling “Check for beta software updates on startup”


  1. hello, in the post that is for team talk 5.8.2, i write a comment, but you didn’t reply to it. because of that, i am writing it again, please, if possible, reply to my comment! thanks, a lot! hello, thanks a lot for creating this great app! i have one question.. today, i go to team talk settings, and i see that the persian language is in the user interface language list. i want to know that why you didn’t write in the new changes that the windows client has the persian language? because you write it in the android client changes in version 5.8.1. again, thanks for your answer. thanks a lot!

    • hello again, sorry for that i replied late! thank you for helping i don’t know it is that file or no, but as i told, in team talk 5.8.2, when i go to settings, and in the display tab, and in the user interface language, i see that the persian language is in the list of languages. i don’t know it is complete and final, or no. again, thanks for your reply! thanks in advance!

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