TeamTalk v5.10 released

TeamTalk v5.10 for desktop clients and servers has been released and available in the Download section.

New Features and Bug Fixes

Here’s the list of new features and bug fixes.

  • Default Qt Client
    • Option to show server list on startup
    • Choose language at first startup
    • Ability to create a tt:// link to share channel
    • 🎤 emoji and “Talking” not display for ourself if can’t transmit in classroom channel
    • Ask to create storage folder for audio files, channel and private messages if does not exist
    • Option in “Client menu” to speak client statistics
    • Runs on Windows 7 (again) by using Qt DLLs
    • Add missing labels on trees of Online Users and Server List dialog
    • Support for Ubuntu 22
    • Restore volume to “Media vs. voice” when using “Default” button on user volume dialog
    • Relay other user’s voice stream or media file stream as own microphone input
    • Option to disable voice activation when inactive
    • Removed option “Closed video dialog should return to video-tab”
  • Server
    • Removed OpenSSL dependency on tt5srv for Linux
    • Support for Ubuntu 22


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  4. Hello
    Why can’t I find unofficial servers on TeamTalk Classic?
    I’m not using teamtalk QT because it’s not as compatible as TeamTalk Classic with screen readers
    Please take that into consideration.

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