TeamTalk v5.11 changes

TeamTalk v5.11 is currently being beta-tested for Windows, macOS and Linux (remember you can enable beta-testing in Preferences dialog).

TeamTalk v5.11 for Windows and macOS will switch to Qt 6.4 which means that minimum requirements for Windows is Windows 10 and for macOS it is 10.14.

Switching TeamTalk to use Qt 6.4 has several benefits, among those is accessibility which Corentin Bacqué-Cazenave explains here.

New Features and Bug Fixes

Here’s the list of changes in TeamTalk v5.11. A complete list and outstanding issues is available here.

  • Accessible Windows Client
    • Only 64-bit Windows is now supported
  • Default Qt Client
    • macOS changed to Qt 6.4 means macOS 10.14 is minimum
    • Windows changed to Qt 6.4 means Windows 10 is minimum
    • See Qt version on “About” dialog
    • Option to configure sound events volume
    • See OS used by client in “User Information” dialog
    • “Entry name” in “Connect to a Server” dialog now shows server list name
    • “Entry name” is now default file name for saving .tt file in “Generate .tt File” dialog
    • Option to choose Text-To-Speech language with “Default” engine
    • Reconfiguration of selected voice for Text-To-Speech required
    • Text-To-Speech message when trying to reconnect to server
    • Ability to see input and output device informations using tab key in “Preferences” dialog
    • Ability to start new client instance using the same profile
    • Ability to connect to latest host in new profile
    • WebLogin changes file permission on TeamTalk5.ini to 600
    • Text-To-Speech message on classroom changes
    • Status bar and TTS event when changing subscription
    • Checkboxes in “User Accounts” dialog replaced by tree view
    • New profile now starts with blank settings
    • Fixed request to create folder for channel and private histories if none is specified in “Store conversation” dialog
    • Fixed username/password not being applied in “Generate .tt File” dialog
  • Android Client
    • Don’t display male emoji if neutral user
    • Support for Danish language
  • Server
    • TeamTalk Pro server can use email as login name on initial authentication
    • WebLogin account requires initial login upon startup
    • WebLogin changes file permission on tt5prosrv.xml to 600
    • Passwords of auto operator channel are forwarded to clients
    • Operator status is resumed after disconnect when using WebLogin
    • Subscription changes are written to log file
    • Auto operators can update channels they have not joined
    • Auto operators can kick/ban from channels they have not joined
    • Only 64-bit Windows is now supported
    • Fixed bug where bans on renamed channel has no effect


  1. I don’t want to put windows 10. I tried to install team talk 5.11 qt but doesn’t run in my windows 7. I’d like always to use team talk in windows 7. Alessio from Italy.

  2. please create an other 5.10 for example 5.10.1 for windows 7 because i don’t want to put windows 10. Put the following features: 1. a possibility to create or modify channels only for creators of channels. 2. a possibility to join in invisible mode: create a invisible state for join in invisible in a server. 3. add a mode listen only for people that can’t speak or don’t want to speak In 5.10.2 put a possibility also for users to intercept people in an other channel, a possibility to transmit media file or links in seven and a possibility to record in mp3 also in seven. Put also if you can a possibility to modify audio codecs also if a person is in a channel or is configuring a initial channel in a server. These are many requests for a team talk 5.10.1 and 5.10.2 for seven that i would like.

  3. Hi,
    I found a bug. The sound events are interupting each other instead of playing at the same time. But I also think that there should be a feature such as in the classic client, that you can decide weather the sounds play at the same time or if they play one at a time, or if they interupt previous sound.
    Also, it’s impossible to press the enter key on a combo box item, such as in the select language dialog at first start up, and also at the new profile dialog, you have to press tab and go to the okay button and then it works. Can you fix that as well?
    Also, with classroom changes, it works well, but it reports the classroom changes of a channel even if you are not in the same channel. I like this, but can you make it so that it reports the channel name of the classroom changes that were made if not in the same channel?
    Also, please find a way to bring back the user can change status mode feature.
    Thanks for reading!

  4. Hi,
    I am writing here again, this is more of a feature ruequest. When creating a temp channel, for example, on the UK encrypted server, and your the only one in the channel, and the connection is lost, when it comes back it recreates the channel with whatever bitrate you had set. This is really conveniant but we should add a setting that you can spesify default bitrate for channels that you create, for example, using the join channel optional, or make a setting set up so that any channel you create will create automaticly with spesified settings unless changed.
    I am happy that it keeps your channel active as long as your client is open, because some people use temp channels on public servers so this is good, but it would be a lot better to be able to spesify the bitrate in the connect dialog. Or have a setting in the client to have a default bitrate.
    Thanks for reading!

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