Poll to remove TeamTalk Classic

TeamTalk Accessibility

The default TeamTalk client (also referred to as TeamTalk Qt client) has gone through a thorough transformation to become as accessible as TeamTalk Classic. TeamTalk Classic is therefore no longer being developed and a poll has been made on GitHub to ask if it’s ok to remove TeamTalk Classic from the Windows Installer.

Make your vote count by participating in the poll here.


  1. I agree, the only thing missing for it to work properly is to remove the beeps that NVDA has when using it. Personally, I have a configuration for that, but it would be great if it came by default. Since we’re on the topic of functionality, is it still not possible to directly open .tt links in the Android client? Can this be done or not? The ability to share a direct link to the channel on Android or iOS hasn’t arrived yet, will it come?”

    • Hi,
      to not hear bips, you have to uncheck vu meter update in preferences, display tab. It’s now done by default when enable recommanded accessibility settings

  2. I’d like the classic team talk yet with the features that i said in others comments of others newses. Excuse me for my english.
    A feature that I’d like in a new or customized teamtalk classic is the possibility of record also initial private messages when a person for example send a initial message to me while or wile the messages window first closed because in classic team talk the initial messages haven’t saved excuse me, i repeat, for my english. I noticed also that in qt 5.10, the program also doesn’t save the initial messages. Me, in this moment, I use a beta because in this beta the messages have recorded or saved.

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