TeamTalk Server v5.13.1 released

A crash issue has been identified in the TeamTalk server which occurs when an invalid regular expression is put in as banned IP-address.

Public TeamTalk server owners are encouraged to update their servers to prevent instability.

Download TeamTalk Pro Server v5.13.1 here.

Download standard TeamTalk v5.13.1 here.


  1. Hey bjoern and all! are you fine? I have windows seven yet and I don’t want write suggestions again or yet but I’d like a customized and free version called 5.10.1 of team talk with the features that i Written in october in the comments of team talk 5.11. The version that I’d like must be compatible with old windows also xp.
    I repeat the features that are primarily 8 that I’d like in this version that I want:
    1. Create also permanent channels only for channel owners without modify or delete other channels of other owners.
    2. Put a invisible status for join in the servers in total anonimity.
    3. The option called only listen mode for people that can’t speak or don’t want to speak.
    4. The possibility or ability also for users of intercept other users in the channels without notifications or alerts.
    5. The ability of transmit media file or links also in old windows systems.
    6. The ability of record in mp3 also in old windows systems.
    7. The ability of configure the audio codecs also if a person is in a channel or is configuring the initial channel in a server.
    8. The ability of put a minimum interval of 0 milliseconds in the audio codecs also opus.
    God spoken to me that Bjoern will do this version!
    regards, Alessio from Italy.

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