TeamTalk v5.14 released

Many thanks to the beta testers of TeamTalk v5.14. In the Downloads section it’s now possible to get the released version.

New Features and Bug Fixes

TeamTalk Pro Server owners can try out the new certificate verification feature in the TeamTalk server. This ensures that clients are connecting to the authentic server that was provided to them in a .tt-file or in the list of published servers. It is also possible for TeamTalk Pro Server owners to verify clients so only client who have received a certificate from the server owner is able to connect.

Besides the new TeamTalk Pro Server features there’s also a long list of other changes. All contributions in v5.14 are listed in detail here.

  • Default Qt Client
    • Support for verifying authenticity of encrypted TeamTalk servers using certificates
    • Setup server verification in “Connect to a Server” dialog
    • Generate .tt files with Certificate Authority (CA) certificate, client certificate and private key
    • Official and unofficial servers can automatically provide certificates in .tt files and published servers
    • Initial support for inclusive writing in some status and events
    • Selected communication sound device is now default in Windows
    • Removed public servers from server list
    • Ability to specify max duration of voice and media file streams (time out timer) in “Channel” dialog
    • State of “Hear myself” restored at startup
    • Vietnamese translation
    • Changed to Qt 6.6 beta2 on macOS and Windows
  • Accessible Windows Client
    • Classic client is no longer available in Windows installer
  • Android Client
    • Support for verifying authenticity of encrypted TeamTalk servers using certificates
    • Fixed crashes when clicking a link in channel and private messages
    • Fixed a bug of not sending notifications about private chats and ongoing notification
    • Fixed a bug of not showing contents of other tabs rather than current when going to another activity or locking/unlocking screen
    • It is now possible to use accessibility stream to play text-to-speech messages
    • Removed public servers from server list
  • iOS Client
    • Support for verifying authenticity of encrypted TeamTalk servers using certificates
    • Removed public servers from server list
    • Vietnamese translation
  • Server
    • TeamTalk Pro server supports verifying client certificate
    • Support for time out timer on voice/media file streams
    • Fixed bug where it was possible to move a user, who was not logged in, into a channel
    • Fixed crash issue when banned user has invalid time


  1. Hi,
    Nice job in this version. When will the public servers be removed from the website? Maybe it would be a good idea to create another news entry with a time for when they should be removed, so that public server owners have time to migrate their servers to unoficial server.
    Thanks for reading!

  2. Hi,
    Documentation on how to update existing xml files (server config and .tt files) would be appreciated. Also, some examples on how to use trusted CAs, such as Let’s Encrypt, could be included. Does the client support accessing Windows / Linux / Mac certificate stores?

    • Ubuntu 18 is only supported by TeamTalk Pro Server. So if you want to use Ubuntu 18 (or 20) you can either:
      – Purchase a TeamTalk Pro License
      – Upgrade your server to Ubuntu 22
      – Run TeamTalk server in Docker using Ubuntu 22 image

  3. Hello, I miss the TeamTalk Classic, mainly due to the fact that you can move multiple users, whether you wish to move them all together or just a few. Is there a better way to do this now that you upgraded to QT using either NVDA or any other screen reader? Thanks. Overall, QT is great minus the ability to move multiple users.

      • Hi,
        to move multiple users in Qt client, you have to select wanted users by the same way as you make multiple selection on Windows explorer. So focus the first user, press shift+arrow keys if users are next one to one, or CTRL+arrow key and space if not. When you have selected all users, press CTRL-Alt-X and then CTRL-Alt-V on destination channel.

        • i know it is like that to move users in qt, but please acsept that it is inaccessible: in windows explorer when selecting items with controle space, it reports selected or unselected and it also reports the selection when walking on the items list by arrow keys, so we know what we are doing: so please don’t compare windows explorer with qt teamtalk unless you make it accessible like that: befor i told you in a friendly way that qt client still needs a lot of work to become what a lot of users expect, but you just didn’t say anything: and now if you look, you will see users are mostly having problems with the things that i reported a long ago since 5.11, but most of them haven’t been resolved yet.

  4. Hello, how can I share the URL of my server with my friends so that they can log in quickly?
    Also, I have a suggestion because it’s possible that we have created multiple TeamTalk servers on one device. Could we add a few sets of commands that would enable the server owner to send broadcast notifications to specific servers or all servers without logging into the server? These commands would be used to notify them of important items that everyone needs to know.
    My intention is to allow the server owner to send notifications to the server without logging into the server, and it would be even better if these notifications could be displayed in a pop-up dialog.
    Thank you for reading.

  5. I have had many occasions to think about the problem of notifying TeamTalk server members of things like a scheduled Linux server reboot or other maintenance downtime. I sent a private proposal for handling this months ago to Bjoern; more on this below. First though, a few comments on your idea:

    A popup would be annoying to many users and would definitely require keeping track of who already saw it, which surely complicates implementation of that approach.

    Any current solution though requires either a continuous connection from an account that can send broadcasts, or rapid log in/out of such an account which would generate a lot of unwanted noise for everyone.

    Now, my initial suggestion from March of this year – and I am sure improvements to this idea are possible:

    Date: Fri, 24 Mar 2023 18:33:50 -0400
    Subject: Idea for server group announcement implementation

    This is for those who run many TeamTalk servers on one box (I know at least one person who runs 75 and Simon
    Jaeger is running 129 on a single box):

    Allow a line in a server’s configuration XML file, below , like this:

    Server going down briefly in two minutes for a Linux kernel update. Stay logged in and you will be reconnected automatically.

    On the SIGHUP signal for Reload, the TeamTalk server would:
    1. Broadcast the announcement to all connected users. More on this below.
    On SIGHUP and also on restart:
    2. Remove the block from the XML file and write it to disk so the announcement will not be made again.

    Utilities could then be written to cause such announcements to be made on all active servers. (My tt utility [URL omitted because it makes my post get refused as spam, but it’s /teamtalk/tt/ on my dlee dot org site] is able to do this with minimal modification.)

    On how to do the broadcast:

    It could appear in the channel window much as the MOTD does, or appear as an actual broadcast message but then
    I’d wonder if userid=0 would blow anything up. 🙂 I prefer there to be an alert sound for the event, as there
    is for broadcasts.

    Note that I do NOT recommend the announcement be made on a server start; that is something the MOTD can
    usually cover well enough. I recommend that the TeamTalk server remove the block quietly if the
    server is started and sees one, so that a utility that inadvertently adds the announcement to a down server
    will not cause people to be surprised and confused later.

    If there is already a provision for this sort of behavior, please let me know. Using the MOTD for this is
    tricky: First, I think it does not reload on SIGHUP though I could be wrong. Second, I would not want an
    announcement to replace the MOTD put there by the server owner.

    • I’m sorry, but I still don’t know how to use the TT URL correctly. The URL I created in the windows client is actually unusable, and I don’t know how to modify it. I need to let my friends quickly open the team talk client through their browsers, no matter they use Android, windows or ios. And add the information in the URL to their server list so they don’t have to enter the information needed to connect to the server every time they connect to the server for the first time.

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