WebLogin has problems on Official Servers (fixed)

People with WebLogin currently cannot log on to the two official TeamTalk Servers. The problem is currently being investigated.


  1. Hi,
    Is there any update on this problem? It seams like this is also effecting the stats bot. Servers will not publish to unoficial list, and servers are not updating in the list with updated user count.
    This is also effecting deleting a server from the list of unofficial servers.
    Thanks for reading!

  2. It’s up and running again. My webhosting company had again blocked the Linode IP-addresses (again) due to abuse. The WordPress login on was being bombarded.

    In case you haven’t noticed then some Hamas supporters have been bombarding the official servers so I guess this explains the abnormal login situation.

    • The server will continue to be bombed until the accounts of racist admins who support Zionists the child killers are deleted on the official TeamTalk server because they do not respect other opinions.
      Anyone who has Islamophobia should not be an admin and belittling more than two billion people in this way and creating channels that offend them and their beliefs and forcing them to delete their country’s flags is completely unacceptable.
      Kind regards to every individual who values their freedom, respects the principles of humanity, and refuses to let the malicious media apparatus manipulate their minds.

    • You can stop this TT War by excluding unqualified individuals like Shemika and the person with the account name Muhammad. It should be noted that he was a former admin, and his real name is Daniel Galilov. He was previously banned for misusing his privileges. However, it appears that he has made a deal with Shemika, where she is asking you to make him an admin while changing his name so that the truth about his previous admin status is not discovered. These deceptive individuals must be removed.

      • Exactly, he isn’t islamophobic only, he’s also a bully and a troll.

        when he was admin under the username Djleks then Saeed for the first time He used to abuse his power by moving himself to many privat channels, harassing too many girls and bullying them according to some of his ex girlfriends, banning people randomly if he didn’t get what he wants and so on.

        He did the same when he became moderator for the second time, and still doing that

        I remembered him very well and remembered his voice, he’s exactly the one who I know him well as I expected, and that’s unbelievable how he became one of the moderators too many times.

        I agree with Abu_Obaida_Hamas, the war won’t be stopped unless if he got removed

        • Exactly his account should be removed, he’s abusing his rights including moving, kicking and banning

          Also: for trying to invade privacy of others by joining privat channels, it happened many times that he joined too many privat channels

    • Hi,
      Thanks for the update. Can you please add the ability to login offline to the encrypted US server, because the bearware login is super unreliable at this time.
      Thanks for reading!

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