TeamTalk 4.6.3 BETA 1 released

TeamTalk 4.6.3 has been released for beta-testing. This latest version comes with additional options for storing conversations to disk. Previously there was a menu-item called “Store Audio to Disk” under Users menu which allowed the user to record audio conversations. This menu-item has now been renamed to “Record Conversations to Disk” and placed under the Client menu. The new storage options under this new menu-item also allow storing channel and user-to-user text messages to disk.

New Features

Here’s a complete list of the new features in TeamTalk v4.6.3:

  • Limit text length in classic client
  • TT-file generator with client setup
  • Push-to-talk key in statusbar
  • Log channel and user text messages to files
  • Store Audio to Disk renamed to Record Conversations

The TeamTalk Mac-client has also been updated to support the latest Mac OS X, Mavericks and Yosemite, so it works a bit better with VoiceOver but it still has a long way to go unfortunately.

Download TeamTalk v4.6.3 BETA1

Here’s download links to the latest version. There’s no changes to the server-side so therefore no need to upgrade existing TeamTalk server installations.


TeamTalk 4 Classic Portable

Mac OS X 64-bit installer


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