TeamTalk 5 Release Candidate 1 ready

A couple of issues were discovered in the previous beta-release. These are now fixed so a release candidate is ready for download.

Here’s a list of the issues which have been resolved:

  • Join/leave menu item was not translated properly
  • Users joining and leaving a channel were always spoken in English in Classic client

Translations ready:

  • Russian
  • Polish
  • Czech
  • Spanish
  • Slovak
  • Portuguese_BR
  • Chinese Traditional
  • Turkish
  • German

Download TeamTalk 5 RC1

Please post any problems you find in the TeamTalk Forum.

TeamTalk for Windows XP/7/8

TeamTalk 5 Classic Portable

Mac OS X – 64-bit

Debian 7/Linux – 32-bit

Debian 7/Linux – 64-bit

Raspbian – Raspberry Pi

CentOS 7 – 64-bit (Server only)

Translate TeamTalk 5

TeamTalk 5 has several new text items which are currently only available in English. Please help translating the remaining text items to your language. The following two sections explains how to translate TeamTalk 5 and TeamTalk 5 Classic for Accessibility.

Translate TeamTalk 5

Download the program “Linguisthere to translate TeamTalk 5 and follow these instructions.

Translate TeamTalk 5 Classic for Accessibility

Download the program “Language Editorhere to translate TeamTalk 5 Classic for Accessibility. Follow theseinstructions on how to do the translation.


  1. The default volume level in at least the classic client has the microphone gain all the way up, which would have people clipping out everyone. In both clients, can we set the default mic gain to a nominal level so that it is applying no extra gain at all?

    • The high microphone gain and master volume level change will only occur if you have installed TT5 previously (pre-TT5 BETA4).

      To reset the volume levels in the classic client you need to open:
      Here you should erase the volume and gain-level tags.

      In the Qt client you should open:
      Here you should erase the mastervolume and microphonegain entries.

      — Bjoern

  2. Hello bjoern! Now ever since version 5.0 alpha1 of team talk there are still problems concerning the fact that it does not work with those who have 256 megabytes of ram and it must be said that has not yet been resolved with rc1.
    Remember the message that I had long ago written in English? Now I would like to try to write this in your language because so even I can learn.
    It is hoped that at least from the official 5.0 or maybe even in the rc2 functions as it did in version 4 which worked well for those who had older computers.
    Another thing, dear friend, you are not yet resolved the fact of media files. In practice, it happens that if one wants to convey xp on an average, can not do and then gives error
    Before you say goodbye: Why have you changed the procedure of the gain of the volume?
    For example, in the classic, if I try to register my audio in a channel, with which volume should come out of the music media files? and the voice?
    Another thing: Before the normal volume I had it to percent while the gain is microphone, both software was the third in the configuration corresponds to a thousand.
    Now such is the default to eight and the microphone at sixteen, yesterday I tried with ten in both and felt as if I had recorded.
    Thank you in advance and I hope that you will understand what I translate with a translator.
    I will try to be in Danish, both in English!
    I hope you understand and that you will answer me!
    sincerely yours,

    • The voice and volume levels have been changed to percent because it’s easier for users to grasp.

      In a later version I’ll make it possible to set the initial volume level for media files so they are not so loud compared to voice.

      — Bjoern

  3. dear Bjoern,
    Many times there is a problem in team talk 4 and now 5 classic. The problem is sound system. There isn’t a word called windows audio session but there is an other called operators in italian operatori. Why? Because I remember that You said that this tecnology only in qt supports low latency system.

  4. I use classic because I’m blind and qt is very difficult! And I don’t like when people that transmit or audio in general are bad and go to interrupt! The problem is latency my friend! Internet and audio. I read that for example that in CELT there aren’t interruptions in audio but in teamtalk 4 why tthere were these interruptions! I think that when You put Celt was incompleted because there weren’t the important thing or i don’t know! And in opus is complete?

  5. Hello. I’m about to test the version for mac that’s released, team talk 5 that is. I heard the channels don’t yet read. Is there a work around for this? Also I’m running Debian 7.6 and team talk 4 server on there. I don’t really want to upgrade to team talk 5 until it’s public as I have an event going on on there this week. Will it brake if I connect my team talk 5 test client to the team talk 4 on Debian 7.6? Also will the channels not reading be fixed with voice over?

    Thanks and be blessed.

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