TeamTalk 5 BETA4 released

A few issues have been corrected in this latest beta:

  • Subscription changes are only listed if users are in same channel
  • Audio configuration on channels is disabled by default
  • Preferences tabs in Classic client have been renamed to match the same as default client (Qt client)
  • Fixed channel selection problem in Classic client after joining channel
  • Server section in documentation has been updated with console server information

Download TeamTalk 5 BETA4

Please post any problems you find in the TeamTalk Forum.

TeamTalk for Windows XP/7/8

TeamTalk 5 Classic Portable

Mac OS X – 64-bit

Debian 7/Linux – 32-bit

Debian 7/Linux – 64-bit

Raspbian – Raspberry Pi

CentOS 7 – 64-bit (Server only)

Translate TeamTalk 5

TeamTalk 5 has several new text items which are currently only available in English. Please help translating the remaining text items to your language. The following two sections explains how to translate TeamTalk 5 and TeamTalk 5 Classic for Accessibility.

Translate TeamTalk 5

Download the program “Linguisthere to translate TeamTalk 5 and follow these instructions.

Translate TeamTalk 5 Classic for Accessibility

Download the program “Language Editorhere to translate TeamTalk 5 Classic for Accessibility. Follow theseinstructions on how to do the translation.


  1. I installed TeamTalk5 Beta 4 QT-version.
    NVDA 2014.4 recognizes most of the controls in the main window and application menu.
    I was able to:
    Go to the settings of the program,
    assign a hotkey push to talk,
    switch the Russian language and configure audio device.

  2. sometimes nvda is throwing n exception but it is mostly qt related.

    on which version of qt the latest teamtalk is compiled?

    as we know qt5.4 was recently released.

    • The x86 client uses Qt 5.3.1 and the x64 uses Qt 5.3.2. In the upcoming TT5 release I’ve, however, switched the x64 build to Qt 5.4 due to a dependency (MF.DLL) which needs to be removed.

      — Bjoern

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