TeamTalk 5.2 client with updated video input on Mac and Linux

TeamTalk for Linux has for long only been supporting the outdated V4L video input API. The latest beta version of TeamTalk 5.2 now supports V4L2 which is the default video input API supported by most Linux distributions nowadays.

The TeamTalk client for Mac OS has also been updated with a new video input API so it now uses AVFoundation instead of QTkit.

Download TeamTalk v5.2 beta

TeamTalk v5.2.0.4692 for Mac OS X

TeamTalk v5.2.0.4692 for Debian 7 – i386

TeamTalk v5.2.0.4692 for Debian 7 Рx86_64

TeamTalk v5.2.0.4692 for Raspbian – armhf

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