TeamTalk v5.2.0.4731 with .ogg file recording

Please take the time to try the latest beta version of the upcoming TeamTalk v5.2 release.

When recording conversations there’s now an option to save in .ogg format. The resulting .ogg file will be in the audio format specified by the channel, i.e. either OPUS or Speex. Use VLC to playback the .ogg file.

  • Default Qt client:
    • Linux video capture updated to V4L2
    • Reduced shared library dependencies on Linux
    • Mac OS video capture updated to AVFoundation
    • Mac OS client no longer closes when pressing X
    • Video TX hotkey changed to enable/disable by one press
    • Store audio in .ogg format
    • Fixed bug when storing in 4GB .wav file
  • Accessible Windows client:
    • Store audio in .ogg format
    • Fixed bug when storing in 4GB .wav file

Download TeamTalk v5.2.0.4731

TeamTalk v5.2.0.4731 for Windows

TeamTalk v5.2.0.4731 Accessible and Portable for Windows

TeamTalk v5.2.0.4731 for Mac OS X

TeamTalk v5.2.0.4731 for Debian 32-bit

TeamTalk v5.2.0.4731 for Debian 64-bit

TeamTalk v5.2.0.4731 for Raspbian (32-bit ARM)



  1. Hi,
    Is there any info on what format the files are in? VLC and mplayer play them, but other tools (opusdec, oggdec, etc) don’t recognize them. I do like the format, just looking for more information.

    PS: This is for a test recording with an Opus channel.

    • The ogg format in TeamTalk stores in the format specified by the channel. I don’t know why Opus-ogg is not recognized by opusdec.

      I believe you can convert the format, to e.g wav, using VLC.

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