TeamTalk Classic (accessible client) v5.2.2.4886 BETA

TeamTalk Accessibility

The TeamTalk 5 accessible client for Windows (also know as TeamTalk 5 Classic) has been updated with more accessibility features.

Here’s a brief overview of the new features:

  • Queue system when channel type is “Allow only one user to talk”
  • Exclusive voice/media file access in channel type “Allow only one user to talk”
  • Sound events for:
    • Voice activation feature enabled/disabled
    • Voice activation triggered
    • Transmit ready/suspended in channel type “Allow only one user to talk”
  • Sound events are played fully, i.e. new sound events do not cancel currently played
  • Close private text message dialog by pressing escape
  • Virtual sound device for no input/output sound device

To make use of the new queuing system in TeamTalk v5.2.2 both the client and server must run version 5.2.2.

The queuing system is active when a channel is created with the “Allow only one user to talk” option (sometimes others may refer to the queuing system as “Exclusive access” or “No interruptions”).

A sound is played when you become the first in the transmission queue and then only you can be heard as well as the media files you’re playing. No other person can talk until you finish talking or has stopped playing media files.


TeamTalk v5.2.2.4886 for Windows

TeamTalk v5.2.2.4886 for Debian 7 – i386

TeamTalk v5.2.2.4886 for Debian 7 – x86_64

TeamTalk v5.2.2.4886 for CentOS 7 – x86_64

TeamTalk v5.2.2.4886 for Mac OS


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