Crash issues in TeamTalk v5.2.2

Quite a few users have reported crash issues in the latest Windows release of TeamTalk v5.2.2. The cause of this is still being investigated, so in the meantime please take the time to try out TeamTalk v5.2.2.4889 and help to find the cause. When TeamTalk v5.2.2.4889 crashes it will generate a .dmp file. Please send this file to

Download TeamTalk v5.2.2.4889 here.

To downgrade to a previous version of TeamTalk you can always look in the TeamTalk download archive:


    • If there is a dump file it will be in the Temp directory. Start Explorer
      windows and press Alt+D. Then type %TEMP% and press Enter. Then see
      if there a TeamTalk5.dll.dmp.

  1. Hi, new version 5.2.2 4890 of server is really bugged, it sending information command are issued to fast, flood protection. I’m click a ctrl+4 to listen my voice or join to channel or two persons join to root channel and i get this information, i’m logged in a tt5 us server. It’s not working normally, in a wroting this post time server lost connection and reconnect. Reper it please.

    • This is a new feature I’ve added to the upcoming TeamTalk v5.2.3. It is to prevent abuse of the server so users cannot spam the server.

      I’ve changed the limit to 10 commands in 10 seconds. Before it was 10 commands in 60 seconds.
      — Bjoern

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