TeamTalk v5.2.3 released fixing crash issue in client application

Many users have experienced crash issues with the TeamTalk v5.2.2 client when receiving multiple audio streams. The cause of this crash has been resolved and TeamTalk v5.2.3 is now ready in the Download section.

TeamTalk 5 Classic for Accessibility also has new sound events for transmit start/stop. The previously used sounds were a bit too long.


    • I had made some changes to the existing sound systems in order to support the virtual sound device. This unfortunately could cause audio streams to be closed incorrectly and give access violations. If you’re into programming then it’s what is called a race condition.
      — Bjoern

  1. Hi Bjoern!

    I have a notebook as a server. I am using a TT5 server on this computer, and running a client that streaming audio from online with Winamp and Virtual Audio Cable.
    I will migrate to debian.
    Can I do this on Debian as Windows? I will use it in terminal without Mate or ec graphic ui…
    I would like listen an internet radio in a TeamTalk channel…
    How can I do this?

    • It can be done but it requires that you’re into how Linux works. So if this is the first time you’re working with Linux then it might be too big a mouthful.

      — Bjoern

  2. Hi, i’m administrator of polish official server, peoples using iphone questioning me, when you release new public version of i teamtalk? I’m using android and beta5.2.3 has crashing accidentally.

  3. Hi Biern
    My friend using iOS noticed 2 bugs.
    1. When using the phone speaker and then plugging in headphones notifications are still muted
    2. When using another mode, actua;llly forgot which one, the microphone is ery quet even after plugging in the headphones

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