TeamTalk v5.3.1 release with server hotfix

Unfortunately an error in the TeamTalk v5.3 ban feature makes it possible for users to ban people even though they do not have the ban user-right.

This security issue is caused by an error in the TeamTalk server, so if you run a public TeamTalk server then update ASAP.

Download TeamTalk v5.3.1 here.


    • TeamTalk for Mac is built with IPv6 support, so I’m not sure this is the problem. Does someone have a WIFI router that supports IPv6? Then they can verify whether it’s working.

  1. Hi Bjoern,

    I’m experiencing issues on Android.
    The checkboxes for switch to speaker and microphone pre-processing seem to cause trouble on my Xiaomi Mi A1 running Android 8.0.

    Both checkboxes are unchecked, meaning that they should not do anything, theoretically at least …
    However, the sound is very muffled and monaural, which caused me to think it might be the phone itself.
    When I recorded a video, however, everything was crystal clear and stereo.
    I then checked mic pre-processing, and to my surprise, the muffled sound was gone, but I couldn’t do much with the phone, OK Google did not work, and when changing volumes, it would trigger the call volume as per default, instead of accessibility volume or media volume.
    The sound was mono and not muffled at that point.
    Someone tried to call me, but when I switched off automatic voice recognition, the mic did not get freed for the person to hear me.

    Next, I turned on switch to speaker as well, which resolted in crystal clear stereo sound, note: this is with mic processing still enabled.
    This did add another negative effect to the mix though.
    When trying to connect headphones, the sound would not switch to the connected headphones under any circumstances.
    This alsp oersists when I quit TeamTalk, the phone must be restarted for the effect to go away.
    Once TeamTalk is restarted, the headphones issue comes back until I disale switch to speaker again, which results in the loss of stereo sound and still leaves me with OK Google not working.
    All necessary permissions are on.

    Then there are a few weird issues regarding tapping buttons.
    1. I cannot get the TX button to stick.
    On my old phone, using a 2x double tap would stick the microphone button, but on the Mi A1 there is no reaction whatsoever.
    Please note that this implementation does not follow Android accessibility standards anyway, since one double tap should be enough already. I have to use voice recognition as a work-around on this phone, which isn’t ideal but works for the time being.

    I cannot manipulate mic gain and volume controls by double tapping anymore either.
    Now, I have to double tap and hold to adjust the sliders, which can sometimes result in too hard changes.

    I’m running the latest version and am enrolled in the beta programme.

    Hope you can find out what’s going on here.


  2. Hi there.
    nope Bjoern, i got some bugs:
    An error occurred while perform a requested command:

    Ban no found

    i have a lot of banning users from try to log in without having a user.
    but when i’m going to unban them, i got this error.
    And my friend got ban by he’s username in the root channel, now, when i’m try to unban him, i can’t, and i don’t get any errors.
    On the other hand, US server still down with some days,
    and UK server following it.
    Kind regards,

  3. hi.

    about weird microphone issue, i am not sure it is something to be done in teamtalk.
    it is xiaomi’s noise cancelation, which causes this effect.
    it is possible to fix that but it will require you to edit some system files.
    about double tapping, it is a known issue and i hope will be fixed.

    • Hi, what are the files I would need to edit? Do I need root access for this? I don’t have that on my Mi A1. I’m currently running the latest May security patch from Google.

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