First test version of TeamTalk v5.4 ready logo

TeamTalk v5.4 mainly focus on updating the media streaming capabilities on Windows.

Now it is possible to stream URLs instead of just files on local disk (both HTTP and HTTPS).

Video capture from webcam has been updated.

OPUS audio codec has been updated to v1.3.

Note that this TeamTalk v5.4 is not feature complete so more stuff will be added later.


TeamTalk Classic v5.4.0.4954 zip-archive

TeamTalk v5.4.0.4954 for Windows

TeamTalk v5.4.0.4954 for macOS

TeamTalk v5.4 build 1 for iOS (awaiting review from Apple)

TeamTalk v5.4.0.4954 for Android


  1. For some reason i can not start the qt and/or the accessible classic client on my windows 7 laptop. The exe-files show up in process manager but no window will apear with which i could interact. Do we need win8 or even win10? Is win7 even still supported? I was curious about the new opus and how it would sound.

  2. Hai, can you fix for screan reader on android phone? i mean when get channel message like IPhone. no just reading for the user… but reade for all text message. Thank you.

  3. Hi Bjoern!
    How can I use the program on MAC with voice Ower? I am wery satisfied with the program on Windows, Android, iOS and my server is on Debian, but I can’t use the client on MAC.
    I can’t navigate in channels list. The settings, and servers panel are wery hard to use.
    For example, the server address is a popup button, and I can only write into if I navigate with tab to the item.
    Have you got any idea?

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