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The TeamTalk 5.4 client for Windows now has the option to record in MP3 format. Previously this required a separate DLL but now it’s integrated. In this v5.4.0.4958 test version the MP3 recording only works on Windows 10.

Here’s a list of the new features:

Default Qt client

  • Stream HTTP and HTTPS URLs instead of only files in Windows
  • Sort bans in Banned Users dialog
  • Sort user accounts in Users Accounts dialog
  • OPUS audio codec v1.3
  • Store audio in MP3 format on Windows

Accessible Windows client

  • Stream HTTP and HTTPS URLs instead of only files
  • Online Users dialog now updates continuesly
  • Online Users dialog allows banning logged out users
  • OPUS audio codec v1.3
  • Romanian language
  • Indonesian language
  • Store audio in MP3 format


TeamTalk Classic v5.4.0.4958 zip-archive

TeamTalk v5.4.0.4958 for Windows


  1. Hi, now that we can ban people that are logged out in TeamTalk 5 Classic, In the online users dialog the dialog asking if banning just the ip address or account showld be added. This can simplify things, because we can’t ban accounts from there.

    • I’ve fixed the issue so it now runs on Windows 7 as well. Although the Windows 7 version is missing some of the new features, since Windows 7 is obsolete.

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