TeamTalk v5.4 with web-login logo

A new feature in the upcoming TeamTalk v5.4 release is a new login system which can be used as an alternative to Facebook logins.

To try it out first download the latest TeamTalk v. beta:
TeamTalk v5.4.0.4964 for Windows (Installer)
TeamTalk v5.4.0.4964 for Windows (Portable)
TeamTalk v5.4.0.4964 for macOS
TeamTalk v5.4.0.4964 for Android
TeamTalk v5.4.0.4964 for iOS

The new login system is called WebLogin and you create your own login here.

Once you’ve created your login you go to Preferences in TeamTalk app and set up your WebLogin.

Try your WebLogin by connecting to one of the following public TeamTalk servers using “bearware” as username:
TeamTalk 5 Official Server (UK)
TeamTalk 5 Official Server (US)

The new login system has been made because many of the public TeamTalk servers suffer from spam attacks and abusive users. With this new login system it will be easier to block unwanted users from the public servers.


  1. Hello, I am use TeamTalk beta for andoid. for TTS, you can read the message, but broadcast message from admin does not appear in the log message, can you fix that?

  2. Hi Bjoern,

    are the audio glitches on TeamTalk for Android going to be tackled at some point? It’s really annoying when I cannot use my Assistant or change my overall volume with some of the checkboxes turned on
    The sound comes through my earpiece rather than the speakers. I have to apply this workaround to kill noise reduction. My Xiaomi on Pie ,even though it has a stereo mic, does not broadcast in stereo. I sound like under water, even though all checkboxes have been cleared, noise reduction, use earpiece, etc.

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