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All the features that will go into TeamTalk v5.4 are now completed and awaiting final beta testing.

Click here to get the full list of new features.

Download latest beta

You can try out the latest beta by downloading the TeamTalk distribution for your platform:
TeamTalk v5.4.0.4967 for Windows (Installer)
TeamTalk v5.4.0.4967 for Windows (Portable)
TeamTalk v5.4.0.4967 for macOS
TeamTalk v5.4.0.4967 for Linux (Debian 9) x86_64
TeamTalk v5.4.0.4967 for Android
TeamTalk v5.4.0.4967 for iOS


  1. hi admin. I’ve tried the beta version for teamTalk server on Debian. but I get an error when I want to configure tt5.xml
    on the server I write “/usr/bin/tt5srv -wizard”, to open configuration xml file, after that I get the output ” /usr/bin/tt5srv: error while loading shared libraries: cannot open shared object file: No such file or directory ”
    which is strange to me, when I use TeamTalk server version 5.3.3 there is no error.

  2. hi again admin, I have tried beta v5.4.0.4967 for iOS. I hope before the public function is launched, you can fix the message tab section. if the message is large, VoiceOver will lag and the iPhone that I use will kick the teamtalk. thank you.

  3. Hi Bjoern!

    I try to download the Debian version, but the wget gives back error 406 not acceptable.

    It seems to be the error on the page side.

    Can you check and fix it?

  4. Hello. I wanna translate the team talk to my own language. If I do this, will you include my translation in the language list of the public release? How we can access the language list on the windows client? On which part?

    • hello adriano
      First you must clone the TeamTalk5 repository, then find English.lng from /TeamTalk5/Client/TeamTalkClassic/lng_classic, translate it into the localization language you want, and finally send PR to TeamTalk5.

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