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The development of TeamTalk v5.5 is progressing steadily and the first test version, v5.5.0.4978, is ready for download.

So far the new features in TeamTalk v5.5 are mainly for people interested in setting up audio codecs. When creating a channel and setting up the OPUS audio codec there are now more configuration options:

  • VBR/CBR selection for OPUS codec
  • Frame size selection for OPUS codec
  • Max transmission interval increased to 500 msec

People who use TeamTalk for streaming media files also has a few new features:

  • Control media file offset before streaming to channel
  • Pause media file while streaming to channel
    • Currently only available in Qt client
  • Test media file playback before streaming to channel


TeamTalk v5.5.0.4978 for Windows

TeamTalk Classic v5.5.0.4978 Portable

TeamTalk v5.5.0.4978 for macOS

TeamTalk v5.5.0.4978 for Debian Linux x86

TeamTalk v5.5.0.4978 for Debian Linux x86_64

TeamTalk for iOS and Android are ready for beta testing in app stores


  1. Hi. I found bug TeamTalk beta 5.5 for android.
    When I try to stream file, I get like this:
    Commands are issued too fast. Flood protection.
    And When I checked logs, I am a lot founds this:
    2019-10-20 21:10:03.204849 User #2106 nickname: “syukur HD” username: “saya” status: 0 status msg: “” UDP address: updated.
    I use an android samsung A7, OS android oreo

  2. Hi, can you make it possible so that we can choose the bitrate to make a channel in the connection dialog? When you go to connect to a TeamTalk server and ware it says join channel optional.

  3. Hello, upon testing beta, it tends to kick me off the server, any server whatsoever unexpectedly. Any way to remedy this? Also, any way to implement import TT files on TeamTalk for iOS? Thanks.

    • Is the connection dropped still an issue? I haven’t experienced it or heard from anyone else.

      TT-files are already supported on iOS. If you receive a .tt file in an email you tap it, find the “More” button and then “Copy to TeamTalk”.

      — Bjoern

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