Web-Login required for TeamTalk Official servers logo

The three official TeamTalk servers will now require that users log on with a Web-Login. A user account for Web-Login can be created here.

The reason for switching to web-login is to limit spam and abuse on the public servers.

Note that TeamTalk v5.4 is required for Web-Login.


  1. Hello, whenever I try to do a tt link to share on Twitter, the TCP port is fine but somehow UDP port switches around, Any suggestions as to how I can remedy this? Thanks and keep up the good work.

  2. Good evening admin! I’m having trouble connecting to the U.S. server at the moment… I tried my e-mail and my username/password combination but it doesn’t seem to work. Can you help?

    • I plan to make a Professional Edition of the TeamTalk server where it’s
      possible to use Web-Login and activate encryption. In the
      server included with the TeamTalk installer it’s not possible to use
      Web-Login or encryption.

      — Bjoern

  3. Hi…. Im getting “invalid account” on the US official server using “senorgatos / (PASSWORD)” from the wordpress…

    does it take some time to propagate or am I doing something wrong?

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