Stream Internet radio stations into your TeamTalk channel

If you’re using the Mac or Linux client you can stream Internet radio stations in the same way as you stream MP3 files.

Just open the stream media file dialog box and put in the URL of the stream (press menu item Channels -> Stream Media File to Channel).

Try e.g. to stream the Internet radio station called Streaming Soundtracks to your TeamTalk channel by putting in this URL:


To stream media files you do not need to initialise sound input or output devices, in other words you can also stream to a channel from a remote computer without a sound card.


  1. Hi Bjoern

    When will we be able to use the Windows client to do this? I tried it today with http:// theviploungeradio dot com :8000 but it didn’t work. The radio station we use uses ports instead of how you described.


  2. Hello Bjoern, I tried this method using Voiceover on the mac and it’s a no-go. what am I doing wrong? Thanks.

  3. Hm, I found the problem! If you first open a mp3-file and stream it, then afterwards open the dialog again and it will work. It’s because it does a file check initially which will fail for URLs. I’ll fix this later.

  4. Excellent, I would like to have this done whenever possible, being that I would like to stream the Apple Event on my server for others to enjoy. Although I do understand that it will not work in windows, I can at least use the mac side for such task. Thanks for your awesome work.

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