TeamTalk 5 Pro Server

If you host TeamTalk servers professionally you may want to provide users with better security and more extensive authentication system than what comes in the standard TeamTalk 5 Server included with the TeamTalk 5 installer.

TeamTalk 5 Pro Features

Running a TeamTalk 5 Pro server enables the following additional features:

  • Run TeamTalk server with encrypted client/server connection
  • Use Web-Login for authentication
  • Prevent spammers using SpamBot

The TeamTalk 5 Professional server can be configured to use encryption (TLS/AES) and allows the use of Web-Login for user authentication.

Using Web-Login allows users to change their password without asking administrators to do it for them. A user’s password is thereby only known by the individual user and authentication will be performed on an encrypted connection that ensures that the password cannot be intercepted.

Since TeamTalk v5.4 it has been possible for the standard TeamTalk client to connect to encrypted servers and use the Web-Login authentication system. TeamTalk users therefore do not have to do any extra configuration in order to use a TeamTalk 5 Professional Server.

TeamTalk 5 Pro Server License

Running a TeamTalk 5 Professional Server requires a license. The license costs €120 + 25% VAT (€150) and can be purchased using the PayPal links below.

The license is valid for all minor updates, i.e. TeamTalk v5.x.

Download TeamTalk 5 Pro Server

The TeamTalk 5 Pro Server is currently supported on the following platforms:

TeamTalk Pro Server v5.9 for Ubuntu 18 x86_64
Filename: teamtalkpro-v5.9-ubuntu18-x86_64.tgz
File size: 1 MB
Release date: April 2nd 2022
TeamTalk Pro Server v5.9 for CentOS 7 x86_64 CentOS Logo
Filename: teamtalkpro-v5.9-centos7-x86_64.tgz
File size: 1 MB
Release date: April 2nd 2022
TeamTalk Pro Server v5.9 for Windows Windows Logo
File size: 3 MB
Release date: April 2nd 2022
TeamTalk Pro Server v5.9 for Raspbian 10 Raspberry Pi Logo
Filename: teamtalkpro-v5.9-raspbian10-armhf.tgz
File size: 3 MB
Release date: April 2nd 2022


  1. The license is for all minor version of TeamTalk 5, i.e. v5.x. Currently there no plans for a new major release within the next year.

    — Bjørn

  2. Hi admin,
    can i have a trial version of this Team Tal 5 pro server license. 1 week trial is enough for me for testing purpose. Thanks in advance

    • I had a call with the Tax office here in Denmark and you’re right. There should be VAT added both inside and outside EU. I’ve updated the payment procedure, so it’s the same for everyone.

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