TeamTalk 5 BETA1 released

The first BETA version of TeamTalk 5 is now available for download!

Unlike the previous Alpha versions this new release includes manual (in Help-menu) and updated language files.

All features which will be part of the final TeamTalk 5 release are now in place so what is left now is to resolve any bugs that users find while testing. Therefore please post any bugs you may find in the TeamTalk Forum.

Translate TeamTalk 5

TeamTalk 5 has several new text items which are currently only available in English. Please help translating the remaining text items to your language. The following two sections explains how to translate TeamTalk 5 and TeamTalk 5 Classic for Accessibility.

Translate TeamTalk 5

Download the program “Linguisthere to translate TeamTalk 5 and follow these instructions.

Translate TeamTalk 5 Classic for Accessibility

Download the program “Language Editorhere to translate TeamTalk 5 Classic. Follow these instructions on how to do the translation.

The Russian translation is already available thanks to Руслан Колодяжный.

New Features

Version (BETA1), released 2014/11/30:

  • WebM video codec replaces Theora
  • OPUS audio codec replaces CELT
  • Separate stream for multimedia files
  • User rights now part of user account (instead of server properties)
  • Audio codec bitrate limit moved to user account
  • Max number of channels 4000
  • Max number of users 1000
  • Removed P2P support
  • Rename channel names
  • No voice activation channel type
  • Added -pid-file option to server
  • Automatic gain control enabled by default
  • Classroom free-for-all stored in server’s config file
  • Default server config file now tt5srv.xml and log file tt5srv.log
  • Daemon startup script for Debian Linux
  • Server statistics for “users served”, “users peak” and “uptime”
  • Console server included with Windows-distribution
  • Refresh sound devices for Classic client
  • No recording allowed channel type
  • Packetloss statistics in Classic client
  • Option in Classic client to disable VU-meter
  • Classic client now uses default screen-reader text-to-speech
  • AGC, denoise and echo cancellation for stereo codecs

Download TeamTalk 5 Alpha5

TeamTalk for Windows XP/7/8

TeamTalk 5 Classic Portable

Mac OS X – 64-bit

Debian 7/Linux – 32-bit

Debian 7/Linux – 64-bit

Raspbian – Raspberry Pi


  1. an other thing: for volume is particular because in classic there isn’t a default volume because isn’t like team talk 4 or the versions first alpa 5. Is a good modify, but We don’t remember the default volume. In 4 the first was 100, the second was 3% for microphone! For media file? there isn’t a default volume!

  2. Hi,

    here is something regarding the volume hotkeys.
    When changing the volume of the media stream using the alt combinations, it does not work with JAWS.
    The reason being JAWS intercepts that command and has its own functionality attached to the alt+ctrl combination.
    Would it be possible to change all the keys, and use shift+left right, and as in previous versions, shift+ctrl+left right for other functions respectively?

    I think other screen readers may not have that problem, but I don’t know if the script developer for the TeamTalk scripts can get round to solving that …

    Regarding media playback:
    Can there be ways to pause a stream, and maybe forward, rewind, next, previous?
    The feature is superb, but would be even more useful if a stream could be paused and resumed at a later time, not just stopped alltogether.

    Regards and good work!

  3. TeamTalk 5 as far back as Alpha 1 had this problem where other parties and sometimes even you couldn’t hear people’s voice streams.
    It even breaks when subscribed to one’s own audio.
    If no other bugs are fixed in TeamTalk 5, please at least address this one and if it can’t be fixed, I hope to hear a reason why in the comments.

    • I can confirm this. I’ve done some more investigating and it seems the server and the regular client are getting the audio data, only the classic clients seem to cut out for about 15-20 seconds.
      This is also user specific, it can happen that one user can be heard on 2 classic clients, but not on a third, or fourth one.

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