TeamTalk 5 for Android

At long last it’s possible to try out an early test version of TeamTalk 5 for Android.

Thanks to Beqa Gozalishvili and Igor B. Poretsky the new Android client works well with the TalkBack screen-reader. Both of them have put a lot of effort into making the new client as accessible as possible.

This new Android client still has a long way to go before it’s ready for release and therefore it’s currently not available in Google’s Play Store.

Please post feedback regarding the Android client in the TeamTalk Forum.

Features in TeamTalk 5 for Android

Most of the common features in the TeamTalk desktop client are available in the Android client as well:

  • Send and receive voice streams
  • Receive audio media file streams
  • Upload and download files
  • Create, edit and remove channels
  • Receive shared desktops
  • Send and receive text messages

Here’s a list of the features which are still missing:

  • Send and receive video streams from webcams
  • Receive video media file streams
  • Send media file streams to channel
  • User account administration
  • Update server properties
  • Interact with shared desktops
  • Kick and ban users
  • Record conversations to Disk

Download TeamTalk 5 for Android

TeamTalk 5 for Android runs on ARM-based Android 4.1 and later.

The TeamTalk Android client is currently only available as an unofficial APK file which must be downloaded and installed on your Android device. In order to install the APK-file you must go into Settings, then Security and finally uncheck “Unknown sources”. After installing TeamTalk go back to Security and check “Unknown sources” again.

To download click the link below:




  1. Hi Bjoern, very good job.
    I can not see the chat window conversations.
    When I turn the phone horizontally I can not see the channel users, is it possible to place a scroll bars ?. I can not see video sessions.
    When I’m connected to the 3G network continuously get a message connection and can be quite heavy. I think with the connection status green at the bottom, may be sufficient.
    Try to access the server through a .tt file but the file browser of software detects only the folders but not files.
    Otherwise everything works correctly, it is a great job that will improve with future versions.

    • 1) I did not experience the problem with horizontal
      orientation. Tested on the phone Nexus5. Of course, the list may go
      partly out of the screen because of it’s size, but it does scroll

      2) The Android version at the moment doesn’t have video exchange

      3) The file browser when importing servers information shows only .xml
      files. I simply didn’t know about .tt files export facility in the
      desktop version. Now I’ve fixed it. So, in the next release it will
      look for .tt files instead. And now you can rename .tt file to .xml
      and import it.

      Best regards,

  2. Hi Bjoern, Thank you for this nice work
    but there are some problems, for example: when I want to create a channel, I cant write the channel name, and, ‘I cant do any editing the channel properties
    by the way, Can we connect to the old TeamTalk servers with this application?
    I’m asking, because the TCP / UDP ports are the same

  3. Hi,
    I’m enjoying this application as well, and have posted some things in the forum. But to answer the question, TeamTalk 4 and 5 are incompatible. There are some differences in the protocol as well as the codecs used for audio and video, so connecting to TeamTalk 4 servers and using the android client with them is likely to fail.

  4. Tested two versions of Android: 4.0.4 (Huawei) and 4.4
    On the first even refused to is put, wrote syntax error.
    On the second install, but not acceded to server.
    On the third and install, and snagged, but it turned out that the interface is not completed yet, inconvenient to use, significantly distorted voice, the rest of the functionality is not tested.
    The idea is good, but crude!

  5. Hi, I have tried TeamTalk5 on my Galaxy Tab S tablet. It Works well for the most part but I encountered a few problems.
    1. I can not find the settings for microphone and speaker. I have found sound system on preferences but there is no setting to change.
    2. The screen is very crowded with unnecessary info such as history, one left or joined the channels etc. It would be very nice if we have a history section separately or we may have a history button. The history items can be viewed by clicking this button.
    The people in the channel can’t either be seen easily because of this history items.
    3. The chat and files tabs can not be navigated accessibly. TalkBack reads Chat/Files/Desktop but these items can not be clicked. It would be nice if the app has a few separate tabs such as chat, files, desktop, history etc.
    4. The incoming messages does not start a new window, so we can not understand whom the message was recieved from. There are other problems that I can not remember, so I will add them later.

    • Hello Ömer,

      AFAIK, these settings are not implemented yet for Android.
      This information makes up a content of the Chat section (second
      tab). Though, maybe it would be useful to separate real chat from the
      service messages. Present and active users are displayed clearly in
      the Channels section (the first tab) along with available channels
      All these tabs are pretty accessible with Talkback. Header of the
      one currently displayed and one or two adjacent are shown, but not
      clickable. These headers are for information only and Talkback speaks
      them. You can easily switch between tabs by two-fingers sweeping
      Incoming message does not open a new screen to not disturb current
      interaction, but it leaves a shortcut in the notification panel. You
      can go there in a convenient moment, see who had written and
      answer. When you click a shortcut the chat dialog window will be
      opened for you. All these actions are fully accessible with Talkback.

      Best regards,

  6. Hi Bjoern and Igor, Thanks very much for reply and interest. Igor, I’m going to try what you described. Actually the most important problem for me is the microphone volume issue. If it can be solved, others are not that important. I could easily add a new server and log-in it. However, people say my voice is very high when I speak. Btw, I have tried import from file option and found that TalkBack does not read the file Explorer. I wanted to import a file which I saved on my PC. May I have a suggestion for increasing or decreasing voice and media volumes? It’s indeed unpredictable on android to set the percentage bars. At least, I can not set them very easily. Can you at least, make buttons for volume up or down? For instance, down button, decreases vol 1 percent. Up button, increases vol 1 percent etc. I think it can be more accessible in that way. By the way I’m using Galaxy Tab S 8.4inch Tablet with Android version 4.4.2.

  7. Hi Bjoern, Thanks for great build. It’ Works well and I could speak, send messages, create and edit channels etc. All work very nice. Btw, I’ve tried what Igor suggested and I can navigate among tabs more easily at the moment. However, I had a different problem which I did not experience with the previous alpha version. I can not enter settings. When I click TeamTalk settings, the simply stops working. It wants me to send a report or ok to close the message. I’ve sent a report explaining my problem shortly. I tried going to settings while I was connected to a server and while I wasn’t connected to any server. In both cases, TeamTalk stops working. But, it is interesting, it doesn’t push me to home screen, it just sends me to the TeamTalk main server. It disconnects me and sends me to the TeamTalk main server and I had to reconnect. However, ıt sends me to the home screen if I try to open settings while I was disconnected.
    The mic and speaker vol buttons work great for me. My only problem is I described above. My device is Samsung Galaxy Tab S 8.4. t-700 Android 4.4.2 kitkat is installed with latest TalkBack. I will try to reproduce this error on other friends devices and inform here.
    By the way, Do we have a chance to localize this app into Turkish language? If so, please guide me how to do it. Thanks again for nice work.

    • Hi, we’ve fixed a few crash issues. Maybe it’s the ones you have been seeing. There’s a Turkish guy called Mert whom I sent the translation list to but I don’t know if he’s working on it yet.

      — Bjoern

  8. Hello, just installed team talk on my galaxy s4. My question is how do I change from noname to my real name? I am unable to access this to edit using talk back. Much help is appreciated.

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