TeamTalk 5 BETA2 released

Quite a few problems have been found in the previous TeamTalk 5 beta release.

Thanks to user input the following problems have now been resolved:

  • Voice streams are sometimes ignored for 60 seconds
  • Text-message dialog got disabled when switching channel in accessible client
  • Incorrect keyboard shortcut for “Stream Media File to Channel” in accessible client
  • Tolk screen-reader was not activated in 64-bit Windows in accessible client
  • Failed to connect dialog could appear multiple times in accessible client.

Updated languages thanks to Mert (Turkish), Steffen (German), Eugenio (Spanish) and Roberto (Czech):

  • Spanish language file updated
  • German language file updated
  • Turkish language updated for accessible client
  • German language updated for accessible client
  • Czech language file for accessible client

Download TeamTalk 5 BETA2

Please post any problems you find in the TeamTalk Forum.

TeamTalk for Windows XP/7/8

TeamTalk 5 Classic Portable

Mac OS X – 64-bit

Debian 7/Linux – 32-bit

Debian 7/Linux – 64-bit

Raspbian – Raspberry Pi

CentOS 7 – 64-bit (Server only)

Translate TeamTalk 5

TeamTalk 5 has several new text items which are currently only available in English. Please help translating the remaining text items to your language. The following two sections explains how to translate TeamTalk 5 and TeamTalk 5 Classic for Accessibility.

Translate TeamTalk 5

Download the program “Linguisthere to translate TeamTalk 5 and follow these instructions.

Translate TeamTalk 5 Classic for Accessibility

Download the program “Language Editorhere to translate TeamTalk 5 Classic for Accessibility. Follow theseinstructions on how to do the translation.


  1. Hi. The voice stream still breaks in my side. It cuts out, sounds like audio drop outs, same as my problem from the Alpha version. It doesn’t acur in TT4 though. I’m using Wifi through mobile broadband. Is that maybe the case?

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