TeamTalk 4.6.3 released

New Features

Here’s a complete list of the new features in TeamTalk v4.6.3:

  • Limit text length in classic client
  • TT-file generator with client setup
  • Push-to-talk key in statusbar
  • Log channel and user text messages to files
  • Store Audio to Disk renamed to Record Conversations

The TeamTalk Mac-client has also been updated to support the latest Mac OS X, Mavericks and Yosemite, so it works a bit better with VoiceOver but it still has a long way to go unfortunately.

New .tt-file Generator

The .tt file generator now includes “Client Setup” which makes it possible to preconfigure a novice user’s TeamTalk client like e.g. setting up nickname, push-to-talk keys, voice activation and video capture format.

In Connect-dialog press the button “Generate .tt File” to see the new option. When you email the .tt file to other people and they run it then they’ll be presented with a dialog which asks whether to apply the settings.

Dialog showing options to configure .tt file
Generate .tt File dialog


Dialog showing whether to apply settings.
Starting the .tt file with Client Setup

Download TeamTalk 4.6.3

The download links are available here.



  1. Hi. I went to the public server together with some friends. I wanted to record the fun times so I went to the Record Conversations options and check the single audio file, setted the bitrate, and pointed to the specific folder. But when press the OK button, the TT crashed. I experiment to the other options such as changing the bitrate, and went to the other server, but the recording still makes TT crashed. By the way I do already have the LameEnc.dll in the TT directory. I’m using tt4.6.3.

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