TeamTalk SDK v5.4a released

The latest SDK has many changes on the Windows platform where DirectShow has now been replaced by Microsoft Media Foundation (MFT). This means that video capture API has been changed and Windows 10 users can stream HTTP and HTTPS URLs.

The TeamTalk SDK v5.4a for Android has also been updated with new JNI libraries for ARM64 and x86. As of August 2019 Google Play requires all apps with shared libraries must include a 64-bit ARM binary. So hurry up and update your apps with this latest TeamTalk JNI library.

Also a major change is that the TeamTalk client in the TeamTalk 5 SDK Standard Edition can connect to encrypted servers. To run an encrypted server, however, still requires the TeamTalk 5 SDK Professional Edition.

For an overview of all the changes please refer to the ChangeLog section found in the documentation.

To download TeamTalk v5.4a go here.

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