TeamTalk 5 BETA4 released

January 3, 2015 admin 4

A few issues have been corrected in this latest beta: Subscription changes are only listed if users are in same channel Audio configuration on channels […]

TeamTalk 4.6.3 released

December 31, 2014 admin 5

New Features Here’s a complete list of the new features in TeamTalk v4.6.3: Limit text length in classic client TT-file generator with client setup Push-to-talk […]

TeamTalk 5 BETA3 released

December 19, 2014 admin 4

The previous TeamTalk 5 releases (alphas and betas) were preprocessing the audio of media files before transmission thereby removing noise and adjusting gain level. This […]

TeamTalk 5 BETA2 released

December 11, 2014 admin 10

Quite a few problems have been found in the previous TeamTalk 5 beta release. Thanks to user input the following problems have now been resolved: Voice […]

TeamTalk 5 for Android

December 2, 2014 admin 19

At long last it’s possible to try out an early test version of TeamTalk 5 for Android. Thanks to Beqa Gozalishvili and Igor B. Poretsky the new Android client […]

TeamTalk 5 BETA1 released

November 30, 2014 admin 9

The first BETA version of TeamTalk 5 is now available for download! Unlike the previous Alpha versions this new release includes manual (in Help-menu) and […]

TeamTalk 5 ALPHA5 released

November 9, 2014 admin 17

TeamTalk 5 is now close to be released in BETA. The features which will be in the final TeamTalk 5 version are now in place. This latest release has […]

TeamTalk SDK

TeamTalk 5 SDK ALPHA5 released

November 9, 2014 admin 0

The Alpha5 release (v. ALPHA5) of the TeamTalk 5 SDK can now be downloaded from the TeamTalk5 GitHub repository website. This latest TeamTalk 5 SDK […]