TeamTalk 4.6.3 BETA 2 released

November 9, 2014 admin 1

The .tt file generator for Client Setup is now also able to configure video capture format, video codec and enable/disable voice activation. In Connect-dialog press […]

TeamTalk 4.6.3 BETA 1 released

October 27, 2014 admin 2

TeamTalk 4.6.3 has been released for beta-testing. This latest version comes with additional options for storing conversations to disk. Previously there was a menu-item called “Store […]

TeamTalk SDK

TeamTalk 5 SDK Alpha4 released

October 26, 2014 admin 0

The latest Alpha release (v. of the TeamTalk 5 SDK can now be downloaded from the TeamTalk5 GitHub repository website. Documentation for the supported APIs […]

TeamTalk 5 Classic Alpha3 released

October 6, 2014 admin 14

Thanks to Beqa Gozalishvili there has been many updates to the accessible TeamTalk 5 version. Classic client now uses default screen-reader’s text-to-speech Using to the Tolk Screen […]

TeamTalk 5 Alpha2 released

September 21, 2014 admin 10

TeamTalk v5.0.0.3389 alpha2 This release fixes several problems addressed by TeamTalk users. Thanks for the feedback! List of changes: Introduces channel type “No audio recording […]